Jolly Green Giant Juice, CranBeet Citrus Juice, Minty Green Juice & My Day At The Farmer’s Market <3

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January 13, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods

Well this is going to be another quick post! It’s a little awkward to do a proper post on my iPad and tomorrow is my last day really in California. My flight is so early Tuesday morning that Tuesday doesn’t even count. Here are a few juice recipes I have been meaning to share with you all. I hope they give you some ideas on what to create on your own or may be an ingredient that you have been wanting to juice but weren’t too sure about 😀

Jolly Green Giant Juice


2 Granny Smith Apples
1 lemon without rind according to your preference, if keeping it I please make sure it is organic. Using some lime would be tasty too!
3-4 celery sticks
2 handfuls of dandelion greens
1 large head of broccoli
1 head romaine
1-inch of burdock root

Between the greens, apples and celery there is an amazing amount of fiber still in this juice even though it has gone through the juicer! If you are worried that your fiber in take isn’t high enough or things have slow down in the bowel movement department while juice feasting, try this juice out to shake things up ❤

CranBeet Citrus Juice (left) and Minty Green Juice (right)


I made these two juices one morning when I knew I had loads of running around to do all day. I tried to get a large selection of colors, herbs, greens, roots and overall yumminess in my tummy box 😉

CranBeet Citrus Juice

1 carrot
3 celery sticks
2 beets (or less if you do not have an ultra clean liver, those who are just getting into juicing, I recommend half of a beet)
1 heaping cup of cranberries (I used frozen ones)
1 lime with rind (if organic, otherwise remove the rind)
However much ginger, turmeric and burdock root as you like
2 cups pineapple

Minty Green Juice
12+ mint leaves
1 small cucumber (leave on rind if you can handle bitter and it is organic)
4 kale leaves
Handful of cilantro
2 of your favorite apples (I used Fuji)
2 celery sticks


Today I went to the Farmer’s Market in Hollywood and like always I had a blast looking at all of the different types of stands, produce, products and getting the know farmers ❤ It makes such a difference to get to know the people putting their energy, love and themselves in the food we eat daily. Our fuel, connection with the Earth and the best health care plan…making it so we can eat living radiant produce.

I saw a one day old goat named Sunshine who captured everyone's heart and truly felt like a mega sunshine ray!


Miguel who has some slightly odd looking apples that are amazing for juicing, they are organic and only one dollar per pound!!! He is always smiling, helpful, gives samples of his apples (that kind of rhymes woo) and is simply put a wonderful person.



I also have a video of just one of the paths from the Farmer’s Market in Hollywood. There are three other ones, one with just baked goods, oils another with prepared foods and one with more produce!

In the video you can see where I would typically buy my grapes from ❤ yum!

I also picked up some blood oranges since they are in season and super fun to juice and of course eat! I've been geeking to try some of Dave's fermented foods so today I treated myself to the Seaweed Salad and Pickled Ginger ($5 each). Yummy, sweet, fresh and no mystery ingredients ❤



My goodness I am going to miss large Farmer's Markets like this one, all the sunshine, happy faces and the abundance of goodies. It's been golden California 😀 Thank you

P.S: The really crazy laugh in this video is mine hehehe

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