Affordable Gifts For Your VegHead <3


December 20, 2012 by Living Girl Living Foods

I’ve had a few people ask me lately for some recommendations for this to ask for that are handy in the kitchen. Also, under $50 and could be considered a “stocking stuffer.” So here’s a list of five handy kitchen gadgets! It’s difficult to place this in an order of importance but I think I got it 😀 I have a previous post that isn’t on such a budget but looking back at this now I can’t believe how low of importance I listed a knife at. A good knife can keep you safe, comfortable and help make your dish look amazing!

#1 Chef Knife -> This is the type of knife I use everyday in the kitchen and it is typically used on almost all vegetables for several different cutting techniques. I personally prefer to use ceramic knives. They slow down the oxidation process, light weight and it feels great in my hand. I sadly do not own the black blade knife that I linked you all too. But I do recommend it because all of my ceramic knife blades are white and it is super-duper difficult to get stains off of.

#2 Glass Dharma Straw -> I honestly carry one of these in my purse almost always! It’s funny how sometimes we all forget how part of this shift we would like to create also involves saving the environment and not using toxic things to eat/drink with like plastic. These straws are easy to clean, they come in several slick designs and are even safe to put into your dishwasher. I have previous written an article on Glass Dharma, check it out here if you are interested 🙂

#3 Bamboo Cutting Board -> Ok I know this will not fit in a stocking but I love my bamboo boards. They are easy to clean, do not absorb oils from foods and stains come out fairly easily. These boards will last too unlike plastic cutting boards. It’s beneficial to rub your board with oil to keep the wood sealed & healthy 😀

#4 Noodler -> This is another item I do not personally own, I have a spiral slicer, but this is a more affordable and easy to travel with alternative. When I first was interested in making more impressive living vegan dishes I was obsessed with noodles. With these noodler spoons you can make squash, coconut, and root vegetables into fun noodles. This is a quick process and it’s very simple!

#5 Nut Milk/Sprout Bag -> These bags are great for straining almond milk, you can save the pulp for desserts, crackers and breads. If you make soups in the blender sometimes it’s nice to strain your vegetables in this to create a thinner more evenly feeling soup. With this type of material you can also sprout greens, beans and so on! These are ideal also when buying ingredients in bulk, instead of having a collection of plastic bags from the store, these bags are so light weight that they are great for storage. When making fermented cheese these bags can also be used 😀 Super handy and affordable! I recommend having one for vegetables and a different one for seeds/nuts. For example, if you make a tomato soup and strain it the bag will stain. Sometimes even after the bag is washed it can leave a savory taste to whatever you make next.

I hope these gifts get some wheels turning in your head, they all make fun, creative gifts that are used almost daily in a living vegan kitchen. Hope you all have a lovely week! I will see you all soon 😀 Thank you for stopping by. Much love ❤ and raw power 😉

xoxo Jess

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