Keeping it Juicy! <3 Tonics, Juices and my yummy Sweet & Tart Slaw.


December 12, 2012 by Living Girl Living Foods

Tomorrow I leave early in the morning for New York to visit my best friend before going to Rhode Island to visit my family for the holidays. I am aiming to make some sort of video in the airport showing you what goodies I have packed and if I made any note worthy finds at the food stands. It all depends on how smoothly things goes at the airport 🙂

I may not be able to write-up a new post for 4 to 5 days. I apologize ahead of time if this does occur. But I know I will have some tasty restaurant reviews and finds to share with you all after wards. I should at least have some things posted on my Facebook Page.

Here are a few things I’ve been brewing up and juicing lately!

3 Immortals Seeded Tonic


3 Immortals Tonic with Hemp Sesame Seed Milk, Vanilla, Earth Powder & Coconut Nectar. Freshly grated Cinnamon & Nutmeg ♥ I have been on a mega cinnamon kick lately! This tonic is best consumed on an empty stomach to feel the optimum benefits 😀 I typically feel an amazing amount of clarity & energy with this type of tonic.

Cranberries. Pomegranate. Orange. Granny Smith Apple. Ginger.


Sweet, tart, warming and stunning!

Coconut Chai Latte Smoothie


One Young Coconut (meat & water), 3+ TBS Earth Powder, your preferred chai flavoring OR actual Chai Tea 😉 , 2 TBS Vanilla Powder.

Blend until smooth then bump the speed up, thus causing the mixture to get warm & thick. Pour into your favorite mug and dust with freshly ground cinnamon and nutmeg ♥

Zesty Super Greens Juice


2 lemons with rind (if organic), 1 green apple, quarter of a green cabbage, 2 celery stalks, fennel, 2 leaves of mustard greens, handful of parsley, 1 cucumber with skin (if organic) and loads of burdock, ginger and turmeric.

Super bright delicious green power juice! Ziiiiip zip zam bow wow bam wam thank you mam!

Pineapple Cucumber Watercress Lemon Ginger


This is a super-duper flushing and cleansing juice :D! I freshly grated some Cayenne Pepper on top for an extra kick & to add a “Christmas/Festive” feel. It is completely up to you though 😉wpid-2012-12-12_10-42-48_347.jpg

Sweet & Tart Slaw

Shredded Red Cabbage. Julienned Carrots, Cucumbers & Granny Smith Apple. Ripped pieces of Orange. Covered in Orange Juice with a light Sesame Seed Sprinkle. I did not add any oil or vinegar but apple cider vinegar would work excellent here!

I hope this post gives you all a few ideas on things to juice, and chop up! Thank you all so much for taking the time to stop by my site. I would also like to welcome and thank all of the new followers/readers! It warms my heart to see so many new faces and names. I hope you all find this space to be a comfortable community area. Much love ❤ and raw power 😉

xoxo Jess

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