Veganism & Relationships. I Am Moving Back To The East Coast AH!


December 8, 2012 by Living Girl Living Foods

I’ve been asked a very popular question that we all seem to have different points of views on, it’s not food related so sorry for those who were hoping for a food post!

Relationships. What is your point of view on relationships? Is it best to partner with someone who follows the same diet? Have friends with the same point of view?

Let me start off with my personal story because that’s truly the only thing I can share that is the honest to goodness truth. Everyone’s experience will be different and I am not a Love Doctor or anything of the sorts 😀

I am originally from Rhode Island. There is only ONE vegetarian and vegan restaurant that was at least a 45 minute drive from where I lived.

I had lots of issues meeting people who had similar views, eating habits and so forth. I kept dreaming of moving to places like California, where I am currently living, from following people on YouTube, websites, raw books, restaurants and so on. I was set on believing that I had to be around like minds. I had to move to get this.

Yet, I have met people out here who I thought were like minded…raw, vegan, do yoga etc. But since there aren’t any REAL RULES in life we all have a different way of seeing a raw diet. Some take herbs to “open their vibration, and they way these things are spoken about make it seem like they are addicted…just like how people are addicted to bread, sugar, and chemicals.

So I learned that there is no way that any one will be 100% a like. There is no point in looking for something that does not exist. We all have a fear of being alone and I personally at least have this issue where I dream things up to be “perfect.” If I had a boyfriend who did yoga I would be so happy. He is really great but he eats meat. They are so sweet but he is okay with consuming agave. I love their company and have a blast being with them and yet I can’t get over that they aren’t vegan.

We stop ourselves from being happy or truly excepting of love that way.

Being vegan, raw, athletic and whatever else doesn’t make it so you love someone. Big lesson learned on my part at least.

As a whole we can do a lot of harm by having this slightly elitist point of view. There is a much bigger chance that we can still learn, love and actually be happy having a partner who is not completely into everything we are into. Opposites attract. We all have something we can teach others also, that doesn’t mean we should be pushing it on them or anything of the sorts. But just seeing and feeling your presence, what you eat or do can get them interested.

This also brings me to a topic that I’ve been wanting to mention but I guess I haven’t had the guts to do so. I will be moving back to Rhode Island within a month or so. As much as a love the wonderful produce and weather here, the like minds and the growing energy in California where it feels like everyone is active with changing the world. I would LOVE to help others and spread the vibrance, life and joy of raw vegan food.

With all of us “like minds” in one saturated place how is any progress going to be made? How can I personally help anyone? If I want to be the change I want to see in the world then I have to move.

So I am super duper torn! But I feel like this is my calling in a sense.

If anyone in the New England area is looking for a raw vegan educator, someone to help them cleanse, or to just learn how to cook clean please feel free to get in touch ❤ I am hoping to start up a juice line or my own living cafe!

Get in touch with me at, if you are interested in any of the above 😀

Thank you all so much for your time. Much love ❤ and raw power 😉

5 thoughts on “Veganism & Relationships. I Am Moving Back To The East Coast AH!

  1. Mercer says:

    Yay Rhode Island! And Garden Grille!

  2. Kate says:

    Beautifully written ~ vulnerable and raw 🙂 You are such a gift to all of us Jess… You glow – you give… Please do your best to balance this by breathing in our love and our gratitude for all that you are! Lucky east coast ~ get ready for our light beam of rawsome love… in your neighborhood soon xo

  3. Toni says:

    Well written and heart felt blog. Be you…it is a state of mind not the state you are in!

    • So true Toni! But I am in a state of mass confusion haha. I am hoping visiting home for the holidays will help me get re-rooting in a sense ❤ Thank you so much Kate for your sweet words, keep me posted on your travels please. Big hug for the two of you!

  4. Reblogged this on My Vegetarian Dating and commented:
    This is about a subject that I am fascinated about : veganism and relationships. As the writer says

    “Relationships. What is your point of view on relationships? Is it best to partner with someone who follows the same diet? Have friends with the same point of view?”

    What do you think?

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