My Living Foods Lifestyle & Beauty Promoting Juice Videos


November 26, 2012 by Living Girl Living Foods

I had a nice email from a friend this morning asking me about my juicing and eating routine. Here is a video, that was a little too long for YouTube’s liking so it is in two parts, with an explanation of my current habits. I make my videos and write up my posts on an iPad. So it’s very tricky for me to get these links set up correctly and find the correct ending point in videos. I apologize ahead of time if it gets confusing ❤

I also share a tasty juice to share with you all on these videos. Below is a photo of the ingredients as well as the actual videos 🙂

One pomegranate, half a bag of cranberries, one small carrot, one small celery stick, ginger and one lime without rind.

Part I and II of today’s videos 😀

Thank you all for stopping by! Happy Monday 😀 Much love ❤ and raw power 😉

One thought on “My Living Foods Lifestyle & Beauty Promoting Juice Videos

  1. […] have made something similar to this before yet not really haha. This juice is far more fruity! Oranges are amazing for our […]

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