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November 20, 2012 by Living Girl Living Foods

I’ve been very fruit heavy in my foods lately, this has been rather detoxing on its own. But I am also allergic to cats and have noticed that over the years my allergy has become extremely minor (some may say this can be credited to raw food, I am still a bit skeptical). If I do ever feel anything it may be an inflammed throat and slight sinus pressure. I’ve noticed that the days where I use fats (oil, nuts, seeds) in my foods I feel worse the next day allergy wise. The high fruits have been a huge help for me personally. Another very random observation, my stomach does not like to break down cauliflower anymore…looks like many of the cabbage family veggies and I are not getting along.

Antimicrobial Tonic ❤


Juice from 2, Satsuma Oranges (I like the sweetness and appearance of these ones, please use whatever variation of oranges that speaks to you in the grocery store)

Juice from, 1/2 a Lemon

Your personal preference on the amount of: Coconut Oil, Ginger, Turmeric & Cinnamon

If possible freshly grate your ginger, turmeric and cinnamon. In the picture you can see my spice microplane that I LOVE to use ❤

Add some hot water for warmth and to balance out the acidity, this also depends on your personal preference

I like to have this drink right in the morning after oil pulling and before having any juices, fruits, meals etc. For me it feels like something to do before eating or anything else because it cleans out my mouth and throat. It’s similar to how I feel about brushing my teeth 😀

Lately my recipes have been high in fruit because that is what I have been craving, I find myself rushing over to the fruit section of the produce department. Instead of using oils or other fats for a dressing I use fruit juice, spices, and herbs. I have always been a bit of a low fat lifestyle person if such labels help define it. I just see it as eating intuitively. But even know during the fall & winter season this trend has managed to stay strong.

For me personally, these meals look, taste, and feel amazing. It feels great to me when preparing it, to chew, it even feels excellent going in and out of my body. This is how food is meant to be 😀 If you ever eat a piece of bread or a raw vegan cheese tart for example, how do you feel while you eat it, after and once it is exiting your body. That piece of bread probably creates a glue like feeling in your body, taking a nap or being lazy could be extremely more tempting compared to eating a piece of fruit.


So this brings me to the debate with fruits..


I’ll try to give a quick list of things I know about them. Otherwise I know it can get a bit confusing and long. I will try to work on some sort of diagram or image to make things simple ❤


No protein? Too much sugar? Fructose and high fructose corn syrup are the same? Simple VS. Complex Carbs?


  1. Fruits like everything else we eat has calories and roughly 5% of fruits calories are from protein.
  2. The body may turn fructose into fat if there is no need for fructose at the time, so your metabolism does play a role in this.
  3. If there is an excess of fructose it can be used as a carbohydrate, protein and fat.
  4. Fructose is a simple carbohydrate, it is meant to be used immediately for energy. Since glucose is the ideal source of sugar, fructose can be turned into glucose.
  5. Those who eat a high fruit raw vegan lifestyle typically do not gain weight because they are not over consuming calories (high amounts of fructose).
  6. This is different from those following the Standard Western Diet where consuming foods sweetened with high fructose corn syrup on top of other sugars. This most likely will cause gain weight because more calories are being consumed than necessary. If the body can not use it, it stores it.
  7. High fructose corn syrup has both fructose and glucose, thus it is more work for the body to break it down. It’s foreign to the body. You can recognize other sugars on labels because their chemical names also end in “-ose,” such as lactose.
  8. This has also been linked to people having conflicts feeling satiated, thus an increase in weight gain, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, & liver disease.
  9. There are been some studies with high fructose corn syrup and bees. Where high-fructose corn syrup was used as a sucrose replacement for honey bees. These bees died because of the toxicity. If you are interested more in learning about this there are loads of articles on the internet.
  10. Simple vs. Complex Carbs: Simple Carbs are using man made sugars and products like, soda, yogurt, milk, maple syrup, and honey. Some “healthy” Complex Carbohydrates are in foods like; spinach, carrots, sprouts, cabbage, watercress, grapefruits, buckwheat, brown rice & beans.
  11. When you consume the healthy complex carbohydrates that have are not man made, they are broken down into glucose and used as fuel or stored in muscle and the liver as glycogen. When the body has an ample supply of glucose fuel and glycogen fuel storage, it can run efficiently.
  12. So simple carbs aren’t all that simple, high fructose corn syrup is a big NO, food based glucose is the way to go and fruit is not evil! Wooo quick and sweet wrap up.

Here is one more recipe idea before I close up this post and of course it has some fruit in it 😉 hehe.


Arugula Mint Salad with Fennel, Beet, Orange & Pomegranate


I was bad and didn’t really keep track of how much of everything with this one, but I do not think it’s necessary to have a recipe all the time! Sometimes such restrictions can stop people from creating at all.


Shredded Mint

Thinnly Sliced Fennel


Shredded Beet (I used a veggie peeler, spiral sliced would be beautiful! I really wish I had golden beets around for this one)

Orange, Orange Juices, Orange Zest



My previous post is all about pomegranates, some tips on how to get these beautiful rubies out and all of their glorious health benefits.

I’ve had a few people ask me questions about oil pulling. I’m trying to keep a journal related to my observations and finds. I do have a post all about oil pulling that I linked you all to earlier in the post. But I also found this wonderful article off of a peer viewed site with amazing information that I would like to share with all of you. Hopefully between my personal finds and creditable articles we can find the information those oil pull searchers are looking for!

Thank you all so much for stopping by my site and reading my jibber jabber. Hopefully this post wasn’t too long, they seem to keep getting bigger lately. May be this tonic and salad will inspire you in your kitchen 🙂 Have a bomb diggity day my radiating friends. Much love ❤ and raw power 😉 BIG HUG!!

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