Flexibility With Recipes. Why Every Recipe May Need Tweaking.

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November 7, 2012 by Living Girl Living Foods

An instructor of mine had mentioned once that she never wanted to create a raw vegan recipe book because with raw food it’s difficult to stick to a recipe.

Sometimes an apple is drier, sweeter, tart, and bitter compared to normal. Greens may be more pungent, rougher and weaker. With living raw vegan food we are working with and against what is in season. At times an item can produce more or less juice. I’ve tried before to write up recipes according to ounces instead of saying 1 Fuji apple for example, but that is not even completely reliable.

Me oh my what to do about this then? Learn how to describe what you are tasting and not tasting. What is the feeling, sensation or texture in your mouth, down your throat and the after taste. Sweet? Pungent? Salty? Sour? Tart? Dry? Spicy?

With any recipe, not even just with living food should you feel that you have to do exactly what is written. The apples in California are different from the apples in Maine, France, Australia and so on.

Another factor is if it is organic or not. The taste is completely different if you are use to organic produce or if the chef you are following uses one over the other.

Freshness, how far it has traveled, if it was washed or not, how you prepared it (continuing with the apple, leaving the peel on or removing it), tenderized or not, stems, rinds, pith, machines so many different techniques play a role.

This is the art and fun of living food! Recipes are always being tinkered with. I am also thankful that is helps me want to eat what is in season. We were meant to eat what is in season any who!

Nuts have a hard shell that is difficult to crack and they have their season so we are not eating so much of them. A little goes a long way 🙂

So please have fun, experiment, let the chef in all of you play and enjoy making food.

Thank you all for stopping by! I hope this sheds some light for those unsure of why recipes can be difficult to follow at times. Much love and raw power 😉 ❤

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