Today’s Slamtastic Juices & Salad. How To Feel & Stay Satiated With Raw Foods.


November 5, 2012 by Living Girl Living Foods

Originally I was planning on having a watermelon juice only day but I had some traveling to do via public transit and I know my body better than that 😉 I would have needed to pee every half an hour or so hahaha.

So I started off my day with a Watermelon Ginger Lemonade


I used roughly 1 pound of watermelon with the rind removed

1-inch ginger

3 lemons with the rind removed

Today I wanted my juice to be pink and soft. By removing the rinds the juice feels and tastes much smoother.

As you all know, watermelon juice can be very flushing and has a long list of health benefits. I have several other recipes using watermelon including a watermelon kale lemonade, please feel free to check those out too! 😀

This juice made me feel full for hours and hours. I always love the feeling of eating or drinking watermelon on an empty belly. Watermelon travels out of the system so quickly but if other foods have been consumed before or right after there is this awkward weight. A bloated feeling even. This can be caused by fermentation of food in the stomach. Watermelon wants to travel through smoothly and quickly. When other foods are still being processed, or processed right after, it blocks things up and can be a little mini battle in your system.

Several hours later I needed to make a big juice and quickly. I bought a huge bag of oranges at the Farmer’s Market that I’ve been excited to use, and a beet that still looked absolutely stunning and fresh, but had been in the fridge for a while longer than I would like to keep produce in there. So I made a sweet Orange Beet Juice 🙂


2 Oranges

1 Large Beet

2 Large Carrots

1-inch ginger

And a large handful of parsley 😀 yummmm

Root vegetables like beets and carrots are also super-duper filling! I did not end up eating anything else until dinner time.

Drinking and eating this way can be rather cleansing for those on the Standard American Diet. Or even people who consume many packaged/processed foods! High Raw Vegan Gourmet Nut filled treats. Snackers I’m talking about you too 😉

Any downtime for the body to clean, restore, rejuvenate and rest is a beautiful thing. This is what keeps us healthy, happy, and everything inside even feels healthy and happy.

Around 4:30-5pm I had a big ole bowl of mixed greens and a hemp orange curry dressing. Sadly, I kind of just kept grabbing things and making it before I thought of keeping track of anything.

My salad consisted of dandelion greens, kale and spinach. For the dressing I used hemp seeds, orange juice, curry powder, garlic, cinnamon, ginger, lots of turmeric and a slice of a beautiful Habanero pepper. I blended the dressing for a while to make it thick and creamy with very little to zero hemp seeds visible.


I also took a big healthy scoop of fermented salsa and added it to the side. If you are craving something salty adding some Nutritional Yeast to the dressing might be more of your thing. If you want this to be a low fat meal omit the hemp seeds 🙂

I used a chiffonade cutting technique for the greens, in my previous post I went over this technique in a video. In the video I go over techniques to help our bodies digest and really break down dark leafy greens. With this salad I mashed up the dressing and kale with my hands. While eating I was tossing it, pressing it down and stirring around some more. Sometimes I do this so I slow down, really concentrate on my food and completely chomp down everything in my mouth before swallowing. This is also amazing for digestion and to get that satiated sensation that can be difficult for some to feel.

Dark leafy greens are loaded with protein, I’m a huge fan of all three of these greens. But I am amazed at how there is always something I can learn about dandelion greens. In the past I have read over 20 pages of articles with peer-reviewed data on the benefits of this green. It’s great for cleaning the liver, keeping our skin healthy and a zillion other things. The best article I have personally read so far on the health benefits of dandelion greens is this one. When I was working at an all natural and organic market a costumer printed this out and left it for me at the register ❤

Well I know this all may seem too simple, but it honestly should be. This is how nature intended us to eat. We have been provided the bounty of fruits and vegetables because they are amazing for us. Everyday try to make yourself a juice or a mega salad like the one I showed you. I hope you find these ingredients to be easily accessible. Something that I feared personally once I started following raw living food sites is the high use of “super foods” powders that can not be found in most stores and were not friendly to my budget.

Even making small changes, one raw meal a day, or having a smoothie/juice for breakfast is great progress. If you have been on this path and frolicking along for a while, kudos to you my dear. It can be difficult in this world we live in to go back to nature, eat pure foods, and live simply. There has been nothing in this life that we have been handed that we can not overcome. Those dark times or places open up the wounds and let in the light.

Thank you all for your time. I hope this post has given you some ideas that are easy to incorporate into your lifestyle. I would like these to be easily molded to fit your needs, budget and so on. Much love and raw power 😉 ❤

3 thoughts on “Today’s Slamtastic Juices & Salad. How To Feel & Stay Satiated With Raw Foods.

  1. benrolnik says:

    Water Ginger Lemonade…. yummmm

  2. […] have made Watermelon Jalapeno Lemon Mint, Watermelon Lime Rose Water Steeper (a favorite of mine), Watermelon Ginger Lemonade, Watermelon Kale Lemonade, and Spicy Watermelon […]

  3. […] have made Watermelon Jalapeno Lemon Mint, Watermelon Lime Rose Water Steeper (a favorite of mine), Watermelon Ginger Lemonade, Watermelon Kale Lemonade, and Spicy Watermelon […]

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