Raw Kale & Spinach Prepared Easy For Digestion


November 2, 2012 by Living Girl Living Foods

Hello friends!

Today’s top search for Living Girl Living Foods was “issues digesting raw kale spinach.” I love both of these vegetables oh so much and want to be able to share some tips and ideas for preparing raw kale and spinach in a way that is easier to digest. Below is my YouTube video with some ideas for all my friends out there.

If you are curious about how I personally store kale here are a few different things that have given me great results.

1. Keep it in a green bag. E.g Debbie Meyer’s bag or some compostable bags from the Farmer’s Market work excellent also!

2. Fill a mason jar half way with water, put the kale in there and keep a green bag over it. This helps keep herbs happy & healthy too 😀

3. I try to keep kale in a separate bag from my other produce items. Or if I am tight on room I will store them with other tough greens like chard and collard greens.

Please let me know how these preparation methods work for you and your body! I am always so inspired by your stories and continue to learn from all of you. Sorry if I seem out of it, I get so nervous doing videos! :-X!

Much love and raw power 😉

4 thoughts on “Raw Kale & Spinach Prepared Easy For Digestion

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