Genetic Roulette Review, Video Link & Seeds Of Change Video


October 17, 2012 by Living Girl Living Foods

In America we feel like we have grown so much, yet the only thing that really seems to be growing is the amount of Americans that are sick. We have more people DYING from things like diabetes, cancer, heart disease then ever before. Even babies & children morality rates are increasing.

The movie “Genetic Roulette” goes over these topics and how the only major change has been our food. We have strayed away from whole foods, and bumped up or consumption of processed foods. Some do this because sadly, having a bag of potato chips for dinner is cheaper than a salad for example. Many people out there are trying to survive, instead of thinking about our life span most just want a quick cheap hunger fix.

But it is a fact that genetic modifying something can give us results we have never seen before, not every studied object has the same end result. I think this helps explain why genetically modified foods create anti-inflammatory diseases. There are a large variety out there of them chronic ulcerates, chrons’s, gastoesophageal reflux, diabetes, thyroid and so many more.

So who was crazy enough to allow G.M.O foods to be served to human beings when it is clearly not safe? The F.D.A! They had studies proving that there was an increase in growing toxicity in these G.M.O products. There is even proof that G.M.O foods have less nutrients, right in the F.D.A’s research papers.

What I found to be extra terrifying about this growth was that it was also a growth of new toxins. Our precious, nutritious foods have been loaded up with toxins that were created by people in a lab. We human beings are completely destroying a wonderful thing we had, Mother Earth & nature.

Why are people doing this in the F.D.A? Monsanto. The vice president of the F.D.A also happens to be Monsanto’s attorney. This reminds me of how in many vegan movies those in charge in the meat and dairy industry get away with their foul play in factories because heads of meat are heads in the F.D.A. May be this sounds like paranoid talk, but do some research yourself. See and learn who is being allowed to deem your food safe. There are grave results that shadow over your own tombstone.

I do not want to ruin the movie for anyone, or talk to much more about this topic since I think I already went over a fair amount. But please watch the movie below, today is the last day this video will be for free. Share this YouTube link with others, strangers, friends, loved ones, anyone that you would like to reach.

There is a change that needs to be made and lives that literally can be saved.


Seeds Of Change Conference

For those of us who were not able to make it to this GMO conference, with some of the experiments and leading thinkers in this movement above is a link to see each individual speak ❤

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  1. Hey lovely from a girlyreader keep up the stupendous posts

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