Food Journal Entry. Squeaky Clean Green Juice & Red, White and Blue Fruit Spaghetti

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October 4, 2012 by Living Girl Living Foods

Up there on the list of questions I am typically asked is what do I eat.

Everyday is something different. But it usually goes; juice and fruit in the morning, some sort of salad or Smoothie for lunch and a salad like concoction for dinner. Salad doesn’t mean I shove a head of romaine in my pie hole. It could be a kale salad, something with kelp noodles, slaw, and so forth. Somedays I feel like doing juices only, watermelon only, or even fruit only. Depending on what I hear my body and mind telling me is how my day will go.

During the summer I eat lots of fruits since they are in season. I will more frequently do juices only or watermelon only giving my body time to heal and cleanse.

Today for breakfast I had my Squeaky Clean Green Juice consisting of:


One large head of spinach
6 kale leaves
2 large cucumbers
Half a bunch of watercress
One Fuji apple
1/2 of a fennel bulb
2 whole lemons (do not use rinds if not organic)
One small head of romaine


I would add ginger too this but I didn’t have any around!

For lunch I had Red, White and Blue Fruit Spaghetti:


Meat of one young coconut cut into long thin strips (spaghetti)
Lots of blueberries and raspberries with a few strawberries, but this part is completely up to you!

I just used whatever fruit I had around, and I happened to only have frozen 😦 Fresh is ideal but it’s not the end of the world!

I hope this gives people some fresh ideas on how to get their green on, rotating their fruits and veggies and keeping it fun AND delicious of course. If it’s not fun in some shape or form then T least for me personally it makes it a bazillions times more difficult to eat simple live foods.

Eat a rainbow! Laugh, dance, have fun while you prepare your food. Grab things from the Farmer’s Market or grocery store that you have never seen before. If you do not know what a juice would taste like with chard, try it 🙂

I hope you all have a slamtastic week filled with fun, beautiful food & company. Thanks for stopping by and reading my jobber jabber. Much love, big hugs and raw power 😉

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