Living Girl In California <3 Living Light, Cafe Crush & A Few Reminders On Skin Health

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August 21, 2012 by Living Girl Living Foods

Yes, I am alive! I’ve been a busy little chef studying away at the Living Light Culinary Institute on the foggy Mendocino Coast for almost three months now :-O my goodness!

I am currently a certified Associated Chef and this Friday I will become a Certified Gourmet Chef. By the end of the month I will be certified in UnPastry Arts and September brings all my certifications in Nutrition and becoming a Nutrition Educator.

I’ve been busy studying, eating, making friends and enjoying being surrounded by people who are motivated to completely take the reins of their health. It’s empowering being around so many people who have ignored what mainstream society, culture and history has fed us about food.

I came here without any expectations of becoming comfortable with the idea of becoming a teacher or educator, with time I feel that in some shape or form I will be.

I do not want to talk too much about my experience here because there is still a months worth of classes for me. I would also like everyone to have an open mind coming here, with no expectations.

Each of us will have a completely different experience. All I can say is, come with an open mind, heart, and mouth.

Be open to experiences, talk to ALL of your class mates, meet locals, go to the headlands, hike, bike, buy local products, eat local seaweed, go in land when your body hurts from the dampness, and let yourself get lost.

Before coming out to Fort Bragg I enjoyed some tasty lively drinks at Cafe Crush, here is a link where you can read a short review I wrote about this cute little juice/smoothie/cafe in Oakland, CA. I am hoping (as my friends remind me I need to manifest this) to travel to Berkeley, and Southern California once I complete my studies here. There is lots of food to try, people to meet, and sunshine to soak up!

Lately I’ve had many readers e-mail me about skin health and what tips do I have. I feel like this is a tough question to answer, there are endless possibilities of what to do and why one’s skin is breaking out. Especially since most of my readers are not vegan, raw or vegetarian.

Your skin is covered in open pores that take in and seep out pretty much everything. If you are living in a high polluted area your skin will show it. It could be something as simple as not drinking enough water. Or your body trying to tell you it is sensitive to something, most people are actually sensitive to dairy, sugar, caffeine, nuts, soy, corn and several fabrics but it’s difficult to notice.

Cucumbers, lemon water, green juices, wheat grass, juice feasts/cleanses are fantastic for balancing out one’s pH. After doing a juice feast/cleanse it’s much more apparent what foods, fabrics and so on you are sensitive to.

Whenever you notice that your skin is breaking out, write it down in a journal and jot down what foods you have been eating recently. Notice any changes in diet, stress, sleep, environment, laundry detergent, emotions everything that makes your reality effects you in some way.

If getting yourself to drink water is a struggle try some of my steeper recipes and articles on how to plan your day to up your water intake. Cucumber Lemon Mint Steeper & Water tips, Watermelon Lime Steeper (Rose Water is optional), My Juice Cleanse achieves AND my YouTube Video on Beauty Tips Using Natural Ingredients For Almost All Skin Types.

If you are interested in adding essential oils into your daily routine try lavender and/or lemon essential oil for eczema. A mix of Rose, frankincense, Myrrh, and Sandlewood is great for overall skin health. Depending on how oily your skin already is coconut oil and jojoba oil are great to mix with essential oils to make a lotion.

I hope a few of these ideas are easy to adapt into your lifestyle! There is no need to do everything or all at once.

Thank you all for your support, even when I was submerged in classes, and taking the time to read my website! Have a wonderful day my beautiful friends. Warm wishes, RAW POWER and much love ❤ xoxo 😉

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