Glass Dharma: The Original Glass Straw Product Review


July 21, 2012 by Living Girl Living Foods

I’ve always been a sucker for trying to use my own jar and straw at juice bars, there is honestly a difference in taste and texture drinking out of all glass. There is no plastic blocking the pure taste of your juice, water, tea, or whatever you choose to fill up on 🙂 Plus, it is always a great feeling to do anything that can save our environment and fellow beings.

May be there is a voice in your head shouting, “RECYCLING” but the truth is the tiny percentage of plastics that are recycled WILL NOT significantly reduce the amount of new plastics produced or reduce the amount of pollution from recycling and making plastic. This includes what we all call “green” plastics (green is the new black right?) “Green bags” are made from plant sources (e.g. corn) instead of oil and still create much havoc.

As a whole we need to relearn and revisit our “sense of entitlement” when it comes to convenience. How can we be human beings that consider ourselves to be so brilliant and powerful when we do everything to destroy ourselves, others, what we need to survive and so on. Sorry for ranting there for a bit. But how I feel about this topic is; if you are visiting my website or any websites with lifestyle choices out of mainstream society, then this should be something we all actively strive to change. Changing bad habits that have taken years to create also take time to change. Sometimes a few simple purchases can make all the difference & proper planning.

As you may know from my previous posts, I recently moved to the Mendocino Coast area in California. The economy here is visibly going through a sluggish transition from; lumber trade, to who knows what now (a lot of my friends ask right away if this is a military base but it appears that it hasn’t been since 1863). From what I have understood though to survive here you need to have a niche business. Overall, the community here is conscious of the changes we can make to strive even though somethings may take a decade to earn any rewards from.

Glass Dharma is based out of Fort Bragg, California. The owners use pure borosilicate glass made in Germany to make these beautiful glass straws that they hand craft in their studio. There are several different styles, straight curved and with a colored dot. In town here I receive a generous discount on this item at “ma and pa” all natural and organic grocery stores. It’s uplifting and powerful to see local companies reach out to one another like this for a cause that is underrated.

In Rhode Island I have these glass straws and could not travel with them. So I stocked up and am above pleased. These straws are easy to clean (I wash by hand but they are dishwasher safe), you can purchase a cover if you would like but I have a pocket in my backpack that is perfect for it. When I go to the juice bar I ask them to put my juice in the jar and stick my straw in after wards. You may be amazed at the positive response you will receive from others when using your mind 😉 I have been given a little extra juice several times even…ssssh! Glass straws may be handy for those of you who travel, are trying to drink more water, or would like to control how much you sip at once. There are different sizes, thus the larger the straw hole the larger the sip you can take.

The owner David Leonhart has been blowing glass for over 15 years now. If you are interested in living a plastic free life please check out Beth Terry’s book or website.

As stated by Save Our Shores, an ocean advocacy group:

90% of ocean trash is plastic that comes from landfills. Since most plastics are not recyclable, they fill up landfills, and end up in the ocean. Once they are in the ocean the plastics leach out chemicals, polluting the water, and are ingested by marine life.

What are other things we can do to live a more conscious lifestyle?

Thank you all so much for taking the time to stop by my website and read my jibber jabber! I am in the process of making some homemade kraut and hope to share photos and mini journey entries on how it goes. Much love and raw power ❤ 😉

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2 thoughts on “Glass Dharma: The Original Glass Straw Product Review

  1. Sounds awesome! I would love to maybe pick one up for a souvenir 🙂

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