Watermelon Lime Steeper With Rose Water Recipe


July 14, 2012 by Living Girl Living Foods

Recently I learned that Rose Water has one of the highest vibrations, while taking your dose of rosewater sit down and focus. Once the rosewater touches your lips think about love, sharing love, spreading love, creating love, only positive things about love. I would say think about a person but this may cause things to get murky. May be sending love to those you love 🙂

I want to quickly mention that Rose Water for consuming is not the pink Rose Water you will find in the supplement/beauty isle. That type of Rose Water is not meant to be consumed. Orally taken Rose Water is clear and will on the label it should tell you that you can digest it.

I’ve been consuming a teaspoon every morning on an empty stomach. I let myself be as comfortable as possibly, relaxed, no music or other distractions going on. It’s very cold here in the morning, so I even like to wrap myself in my favorite blanket and sit with my legs crossed (relaxing to me and helps keep my back straight, less strain).

I wanted to incorporate Rose Water into a steeper because I was noticing how overtime each day seems to be filled with more love. What I mean by this is, I have been able to show people more care/love, and I feel like I have been greatly rewarded by this.

People have been extra kind, caring, and helpful. It has created a stronger energy around me. Here’s a photo of how my tea looked even;)

Since I’ve been talking a bit about steepers on here and on my facebook page I decided to add Rose Water to a Watermelon Lime Steeper.

I cut roughly half of a mini watermelon, and removed the rind. The seeds in watermelons do not bother me, but if they are a big deal to you to be drinking them, pluck them out. Half of a mini watermelon was roughly half of my mason jar. I cut very thin slices of lime, with the rind on and washed, and used half of one very small lime. Then cut those pieces in half creating 12 half-moon like pieces in my steeper.


I let this sit in the fridge for only 3 hours, unlike other steepers because of the watermelons already high water content there was no need to let this sit overnight. It would probably turn into mush. Just when I wanted to drink my steeper I added three teaspoons of Rose Water and stirred it well.

This helped me stay fuller for much longer, I actually didn’t crave too much food for the rest of the day. The water and watermelon kept me full, plus I did add more water (but not more rosewater) as the day went on. Eventually I ate some of the watermelon pieces, they soaked up both the lime and Rose Water! Yum 😀 Overall this drink helped me feel calm, appreciative, caring, cooled and in general happy. This is a fantastic summer drink and is something fun to share with friends.

Just in case you do not like limes, lemons taste perfect also. Another wonderful idea is to add a few tablespoons of chia seeds to this 🙂

If you are interested in more Rose Water drinks, here is one from Joyfulbelly that is a Rosewater Lemonade, so delicious! Joyfulbelly is an Ayurvedic Diet & Recipe website with loads of information and yummy recipes. I personally have too much Pitta & Vatta in my body, this recipe is targeted towards those who need to calm their Pitta (causes aggression and ailments similar to this emotion in the body).

I have two other steepers I typically make but I currently can not find the fruits needed. I hate to share these without the photos since I feel like they help? But please leave me a comment if you are interested or think it’s best if I wait it out.

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