One Day Juice Cleanse

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June 26, 2012 by Living Girl Living Foods

Sometimes we do not need a week-long juice feast, but just a little mini cleanse. I try to aim for a once a week juice cleanse, it gives the stomach a break so it can really pull out any toxins. I like to follow the Hippocrates Health Institutes “formula” on how to do a juice cleanse. There is one twist that I have added to it though, first thing in the morning I drink sole (pronounced so-lay).

Sole is a mixture of salt and water that can neutralize the alkaline/acidity balance in the body as well as normalize one’s blood pressure. This drink can dissolve/eliminate impurities and built up toxins, hopefully breaking up build up that can cause arthritis, kidney stones and gall bladder stones. Diluting the salt crystals in water ionizes the minerals, charging them electrically, making them easier to absorb right into the cells.

To make a sole water solution, you’ll need large, unprocessed rock salt crystals or granulated Himalayan salt. Depending on your personal salt in take this drink may not be the best thing for you. I’ve been using one teaspoon of Himalayan pink salt in 8-10 ounces of filtered water. There are also sole rocks and different ratios according to what you plan on using the mixture for. You do not need to drink this all in one gulp, however you will see that it’s best if you drink it in two or three gulps so the salt does not stay in the bottle of your glass. Stir when needed!

Does this make you have a healthy elimination? It should, that is part of the benefits of having a drink like this. I personally drink this solution every morning, not just while cleansing. It can be difficult at first to remember, but it honestly makes a huge difference once you get started.

Health benefits of drinking a sole mineral water solution:

1. Unlike common table salt, these salt crystals are not made up merely of sodium and chloride; they contain within them at least 82 other important minerals waiting to be unlocked and absorbed.

2. Regulating the water content throughout your body

3. Promoting a healthy pH balance in your cells, particularly your brain cells

4. Promoting blood sugar health and helping to reduce the signs of aging

5. Assisting in the generation of hydroelectric energy in cells in your body

6. Absorption of food particles through your intestinal tract

7. Supporting respiratory health

8. Promoting sinus health

9. Prevention of muscle cramps

10. Promoting bone strength

11. Regulating your sleep

12. Supporting your libido

13. Promoting vascular health

About a half an hour after this, I drank a traditional morning tonic, this tonic has been around for a LONG LONG time. The first time I read about it was in one of Ann Wigmore’s books (the woman who started the Hippocrates Health Institute). This morning tonic is also very alkalizing and a mild diuretic (lemon), amazing for one’s metabolism and cell structure (cayenne) and helps get that important 8 ounces of water into your system!

We should all be drinking eight 8oz. glasses of filtered water a day, and most likely more than that 🙂

Here’s the morning tonic recipe, Lemon Cayenne Water Tonic:

Juice of one whole lemon (I recommend rolling the lemon so you really get all the juice in there)

8 oz. filtered water

1 teaspoon cayenne (if you can’t handle the heat it’s okay to do less but 1 teaspoon is great)

Stir and drink away, I personally do not chug this one because it makes my nose drip. But I usually aim for three gulps 🙂

After consuming these drinks I did some yoga in my apartment. While doing some twists I could feel things moving around in my stomach, in a good way. By this time of the day I had one healthy bowel movement and probably urinated two or three times.

Besides drinking this tonics and juices I did drink plenty of water also! This is super important you can’t really cleanse if you aren’t drinking lots of water. If you have issues drinking enough water try drinking herbal teas, or mixing lemon juice in water. For some people it helps if they take a water bottle and for every 8 oz. they write the hour on their bottle. So let’s say you get up at 8 am, by 10am you should have consumed 16 oz. of water.

After drinking these two morning drinks, having 18 oz. of herbal tea and who knows how much water I had a 2 oz. shot of wheatgrass 😀 Two ounces of wheatgrass equals four pounds of greens! Whenever I have a wheatgrass shot I feel like it would be super greedy of me to drink or eat as much as a day where I do not have one. That’s just me personally though! Wheatgrass is alkalizing, balancing and provides the body with chlorophyll, amino acids, vitamin B-12, protein minerals and enzymes. It pulls heavy metals and helps the blood flow, just to drop a few health benefits 😉 ❤

Several hours later I made a straight up cucumber juice for lunch. This can also be consumed for breakfast if you find yourself hungry. I’m surprised I personally wasn’t hungry before this, but I think it was because for once I was actually drinking plenty of water.

I juiced two cucumbers, making 16 oz. of straight up cucumber juice. Some people do straight up apples or pears. But I wanted to keep my sugar content low, part of the reason why I wanted to do this one day juice cleanse was because I felt like I had been consuming more fruit than normal and I wasn’t feeling that great because of it. My body is very sensitive to sugar, every BODY is different so please do what you need to do. This juice made me feel the need to urinate probably 20 minutes after consuming it and kept me urinating frequently for at least one hour.

I waited 3 hours before making my next juice, this isn’t necessary since my dinner juice was purely greens, my combining foods were fine. This was just me waiting out because the cucumber juice was so filling and seemed to have great effects cleansing wise. I wanted to let it work away!

I can not find the herbs and wild greens that Ann Wigmore and the Hippocrates Health Institute recommend in their green juices. So I used greens that have been the most cleansing for me personally. Keeping in mind, no fruit, this is just straight up greens. Everyone’s green juice taste buds are completely different, I do not recommend the concoction I made up for someone to drink who does not drink green juices daily. This has a very earthy taste and is a powerful cleanser, especially on the liver because I used one small bunch of dandelion greens. But here are the vegetables I used: half a head romaine, 5 celery sticks, one small bunch of parsley & a handful of spinach. This made two and a half cups of juice, and took me a little while to drink because I could actually feel it working its way around my stomach.

I am going to let this sit in my stomach for roughly 3 hours before having some lemon water and finishing up my night with another 18 oz. of herbal tea.

What really helps with doing a one day cleanse like this is having a plan a head of time. So having everything you need already in the house, this way you do not push-off the cleanse and having a menu in mind goes hand-in-hand with this. Sometimes having a chart where every hour you write down that you have to drink water, fill in when you know you will want tea (may be when you would drink coffee, or take a 15 minute break at work), when you know you will want juice and so on.

It’s highly recommended to have your last juice of the day at least three hours before going to sleep. This way your body is still doing most of the work while you are awake and moving. It’s not fair for you mentally or physically to need to go to the bathroom during the middle of the night and/or not sleep well because of it.

If you are looking to add more things into your day that will help you cleanse here are a few other ideas:

Dry brush before showering

Work out


Sauna, steam bath, whirlpool


Colon hydrotherapy (enema, colonic)

I hope this post was helpful for those of you who were interested in cleansing but physically can not make time to commit to juicing for more than one day.

Please remember that herbal teas as well as lemon and water can be consumed as much as needed. Besides the sole and cayenne lemon water tonic you can have one morning drink. One lunch drink, and one dinner drink. It’s okay to drink up to two quarts of juice if needed, we all need something different. Today it appears I really needed more water than juice!

Thank you all for taking the time to stop by my site! Please let me know if you have any questions or if you have done a one day juice cleanse before. I’m interested in hearing others results. Much love ❤ and raw power 😉

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