Creamy Green Ginger Pear Juice Recipe and My Juicing Habits

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June 24, 2012 by Living Girl Living Foods

My great friend Mel told me about this amazing juice she had at a juice bar that recently opened in her town. After seeing how beautiful the juice came out and the list of ingredients I knew I wanted to make this for myself at home. This has two of my favorite juicing ingredients: greens and pear. Pear makes a wonderful sweet and creamy juice that provides a texture most other fruits can not. When I juice with mango it’s a similar texture, still not as creamy though!

Pears help regulate our stomachs and produces tons of juice when juicing. I leave the skin on when juicing, as long as the fruit is organic and well washed. I like to cut the pear and apples into quarters to make it easier for my Juicer. Like always, please feel free to modify the recipe and leave me any comments on how this went for you.

This recipe makes roughly 16 ounces, which I personally consider to be one serving. I love ginger a little more than the typical person, so try an inch of ginger at first and if you can add more!

Creamy Green Juice Recipe


8-10 stems of kale, according to how green you would like this
One bunch spinach (all bundles of spinach are not created equal, I would say I has around 8 cups of spinach)
One small green apple (I used a Granny Smith) cut into quarters
One medium pear, cut into quarters (I used a D’Anjou, it’s one of my favorite and the juice usually comes out extra creamy)
1 to 2-inches of ginger according to your taste preferences

I found this juice to be warming, sweet, green, creamy and it gave me lots of energy afterwards. Dark leafy greens like spinach and kale typically help me get my energy back if I feel a little light headed after a long bike ride or am finding myself surprising tired early in the afternoon.

I already drank more than half of the juice before I realized I had forgotten to take a photo! So no worries, you will have plenty of this delicious juice 🙂

Pears are high in fiber, great for cardiovascular health, colon health, fight free radicals, control diabetes and they are a hypoallergenic fruit! Nom-a-nom-tastic 😉 😉

The same friend who told me about this wonderful juice combination also asked me about what time do I cut off fruits and how many juices do I personally have a day.

I personally try to not make/drink any juices with fruit in them after 2pm or 4pm. Many people who drink caffeine, and actually have it do something for them, have a similar rule of thumb. Later than this and I feel too wired, my stomach at night will not feel all that great because it’s a bit of work for it to break everything down.

I like to have around 2-3 juices a day, when not juice feasting or doing any sort of cleanse. The drinks normally add up to a total of 50-60 ounces depending on what I juice. A day when I have a wheatgrass shot I would normally consume less juice. One 2 oz. Wheatgrass shot equals four pounds of veggies! So it’s a bit unnecessary to drink multiple green juices in a day, when I have a wheatgrass shot I’ll probably have a beet juice, one other green juice and probably a tonic like drink. It all depends on what I am doing, how much I’ve exercised, how I am feeling, and so on. Plus I do eat solid foods too, all raw, and for the most part everything is low calorie, so I eat and drink what I need 🙂 Every BODY needs something different, so please do not think one person is better than another person because of something like this.

Thank you all for stopping by and taking the time to read my rants! Have a delicious, beautiful, fun, raw power filled day and I will see you all soon 🙂 Much love!

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