I’m Never Too Old For “Chocolate Milk”


June 22, 2012 by Living Girl Living Foods

Chocolate Milk Juice that is! In my previous post I shared some of my beautiful finds at the Local Farmer’s Market. This morning I used some of the red romaine and some purple carrots I had around the house to make a tasty Chocolate Milk Juice.

This drink will still come out brown if you use regular romaine and the more commonly seen orange carrots. My juice actually came out a little bit dark and slightly purple/black looking because of all of the purple veggies. You can make as much or as little of this as you would like.

If you have been making and drinking your own green juices, this juice will remind you of Chocolate Milk. Otherwise, to newbies or veggie haters this juice will not be sweet enough to remind you of chocolate. If this is true, but you still really want to make this juice work for you, try adding a date or two in the blender with the romaine and carrot juice.

Adding more carrot to this drink will make it taste like straight up carrot juice. Apple will ruin the appearance and will make it too sweet, but if you insist on using this as your “sweetener” only use a quarter of an apple and do not use a green apple (tartness will throw it off).

This recipe only makes about 8 ounces because I personally didn’t want to use all my red romaine on juicing. A full serving would be 16 ounces, so a whole head of romaine and 3-4 carrots depending on your taste buds 🙂

“Chocolate Milk” Juice Recipe


Half a head romaine (around 14 leaves). I used red romaine because I had it around and thought it was a cool thing to juice. But it’s totally unnecessary!

2 medium carrots, peeled. I used purple carrots because like the red romaine that’s what I had around but you do not have to use purple carrots. It makes no difference really besides the fact that your drink won’t be as black looking as mine.


Drink immediately and enjoy! You do not want to let this drink sit around, romaine never makes cold juice for me personally at least. It will just get warmer sitting around, and you will need to stir it if it sits for too long.

Juicing lettuce may seem boring or pointless to you. But it’s honestly a great way to get water into your body, I noticed yesterday I did a terrible job drinking water and wanted to get myself back on track. Water contains oxygen and minerals that are crucial to our bones and blood. Keeping these clean and strong will keep our blood flow strong, generation of bone cells will not be weakened and a diet high in essential nutrients, oxygen & enzymes also keeps the acid levels in our blood at a healthy level. This is all based on the idea that you are already on a high living-foods diet however.

Romaine is high in potassium (keeps your muscles strong), fiber, , protein, iron, low in calories, more calcium than a serving of milk, and more vitamin c than an orange! This sounds like a lot of the health benefits some may think they are consuming when drinking chocolate milk…that moos and what not 😉

Have a delicious, beautiful, and rawtastic day everyone! I’m on my bike today and waiting for the rain to calm down so I can bike home. I just enjoyed a fresh pressed 2 oz. Wheatgrass shot, 2 ounces of wheatgrass equals 4 pounds of vegetables. Lucky me ❤

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2 thoughts on “I’m Never Too Old For “Chocolate Milk”

  1. […] in some lettuce based juices and you want something super sweet, I recommend trying out my Chocolate Milk Recipe. Lettuce, comes from the word lactuca the Latin word for milk because of the white milk-like […]

  2. […] Red Leaf Lettuce also called Red-Tip Leaf Lettuce, has large crumpled leaves with medium to dark red coloration (almost purple). It is a good source of vitamins A,C, K and B6, thiamin, riboflavin, folate, iron and potassium. One cup of shredded red-tip leaf lettuce (36g) provides 24% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin A and has 39.3 micrograms of vitamin K. I personally find this lettuce to give salads an extra pop in both color, texture, and taste. When  juiced it has a much more earthy taste. I use it for my Chocolate Milk Juice. […]

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