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June 12, 2012 by Living Girl Living Foods

I absolutely love traveling but I still can not get myself to enjoy all the food planning and packing I end up needing to do. From 4:30am to about 9pm I’ve been on airplanes, buses, trains and walked to arrive to my lovely destination in California. I never was cranky or drained of energy, just in a daze with flying around so much and trying to remember time differences.

I’ve done a previous post on traveling raw or choosing more raw foods while on the go. I just wanted to add a few things.

One of my favorite things to pack that is filling, satisfying and surprisingly easy to eat on the go is avocados and nori sheets. If you like bring nutritional yeast in a 4 oz. bottle or bring a lemon to add a little variation to your snack sushi rolls. Sometimes I like to add a little mango in there too 🙂

I always bring fruit with me, typically an apple and grapefruit. These are super easy to eat and will give you a little extra energy kick 🙂 Dried fruits, homemade trail mix or rawnola are great too.

In my previous post I mentioned green powders, goraw brand products (bars) and dehydrated goodies. But I never really went over eating any of the actual airport food. I guess it’s because the food there scares me, many of the restaurants say they steam veggies but they actually just zap them (microwave). Food seems to be prepared quickly, with errors, and lots of extra preservatives since for the most part airports all go through the same distributors, brands and so on.

But if you find yourself hungry and food less, please eat. See if a restaurant will give you a platter of raw veggies, I’ve asked for this before without success but ya never know! Or see if a restaurant can just lightly steam some veggies for you with no sauce on them. If you packed a lemon and/or a 4 oz. bottle of your favorite homemade dressing, you will see how handy this is, and if you haven’t just ask for a slice. The dressings they have most likely aren’t as healthy as we imagine them being, which is why I recommend staying away from them.

I’m positive that there is a wicked slim chance that one will actually find an organic restaurant at the airport. So when choosing fruits and vegetables make sure you think about how exposed to pesticides the ingredients are. Like I am more likely to pick a fruit cup with pineapple or melon than grapes because grapes are so sensitive and have nothing to protect them from high pesticide exposure.

Be very careful when ready labels. It’s hip to say something is raw, natural and healthy. These words have lost their original meaning, so be ready to take a minute to read the label and consider what you are really putting in your mouth.

Even read the labels on salads, not all salads are made equal. Iceberg lettuce is completely over rated and actually has pretty much zero nutritional value. Try to get a salad fom a salad bar, where the vegetables have probably been sitting around for less time. This way you can actually see how everything is being prepared. I like to get a salad with spinach, arugula, red leaf lettuce and a little romaine.

Around a year ago now I heard Starbucks bought Evolution juice, a raw juice company that makes many different types of smoothies and juices. I still haven’t seen any around, and I am waiting oh so patiently for that day. I crave juice like a maniac when I travel. Every airport I have traveled to, even out of the U.S.A, has at least one Starbucks inside. Please Starbucks, get on this there is nothing like this in airports right now.

Later on when I am not on my iPad I will add links to companies, and my previous posts of traveling. It’s a little difficult on this little guy, sorry for the troubles. I can already tell my body is going to want a short juice feast once I am settled into my new home. I’ve been having very interesting allergy symptoms since I have arrived, and all the air blasting at my face has dried up my nose in a very uncomfortable way.

Thank you all for stopping by! Much love and raw power 😉 xoxo

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4 thoughts on “The Traveling Raw Foodie

  1. patty mcgee says:

    Good luck Jess.

  2. I was just in a cafe grabbing lunch today and I saw on a box of hot oatmeal: RAW oatmeal! I was kind of dumbfounded… I was wondering to myself: how can hot oatmeal be raw still? You’re right, it’s definitely a “cool” marketing buzzword to use when advertising for food now. I’d like to see when Starbucks releases Evolution juices! They’ve been relatively progressive as far as chains go with offering a few raw friendly snacks. Avocado and nori sheets sounds like a great travel food. Do you cut it on the go or do you keep it cool in a lunch bag so the avocado doesn’t spoil?

    • I cut the avocado once I am ready to use it and usually keep a plastic bag or container to keep the left over avo if I can’t eat it all. Sometimes I forget, but it really helps the left over avocado if some lemon juice is squeezed over the exposed section. I think it’s my favorite travel food snack, avocado and nori. It’s so easy to put together and the textures are so satisfying to me, saltily, crunchy, rich, smooth, green and with a little squeeze of lemon the citrus makes everything come super alive. Thanks for reading Kristine, and your interesting comment about oatmeal. There is such thing as raw oats but yes once you put boiling water on it it defeats the purpose. Sometimes people use raw oats, even I’d they are heating it, is because they are gluten free.

  3. Terrance says:

    Greetings! Very helpful advice within this article!
    It’s the little changes which will make the most significant changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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