Day 7 Juice Feast & Transitioning To Solids


June 5, 2012 by Living Girl Living Foods

I originally intended to juice feasting for 5 days. I will be moving to California soon for school and do not want to over work my body. When I realized I was about to be on day 8 I ended my juice feast, hahaha. I still mostly had juices though the day after my feast and for a late lunch/linner I had an arugula salad with two slices of avocado, two slices of mango, two slices of grapefruit and lots of lime juice. For a few days I will be staying away from oils, and here & there adding fats like avocados. It takes time to adjust, and I think I tend to be a little overly careful with these things because transition periods are the worst for me. This is when I start having crazy cravings so to control myself and not ruin all the work my body did I gradually add things back in.

Here are a few more juice recipes I would like to share including a traditional ABC Juice since I had people asking for one! ❤ ❤

For breakfast I have been whipping up this Dandies Are Candy Tonic. This tonic does not completely mask the flavor of the wonderful wild dandelion greens. But the use of lime makes this taste like a green limeade I guess being a Rhode Island/New England girl I adore lemonade and limeade. So whenever I make a juice that can satisfy my summer citrus cravings plus girls I am one happy gal 😉

If you enjoy the taste of wild greens and/or have consumed them in the past please feel free to add more than the amount listed in the recipe. I made this drink in mind for those whose taste buds are transitioning to green juices.

Dandies Are Candy Tonic Recipe

4 Celery Sticks

1 Handful Dandelion Greens

1 Handful Parsley

1-inch to 2-inches Ginger Root (peeled)

1/2 Lime with rind

Juiced and enjoyed immediately! ❤

This is a great juice to enjoy in the morning before having any other juices, it helps get your gut cleaning and ready to work.

Now for the famous ABC Juice, and I’m sorry but in my head when I say this I think of the guy from the red eye itchy eyes commercial. I do love this juice do not get me wrong, it looks and tastes energized, bright, beautiful and most people are willing to at least try a sip of this juice when I make it (compared to lets say the dandelion juices I make). I have offered to make people juice when they come over my house and they usual ask for this one 🙂

I think people feel more comfortable with these ingredients. They know more or less what to expect in flavor, looks, and know it will be a bit sweet.

I love beets! I used my last beet in the house to make this juice, and if I had more beets around I would have thrown them in here. I haven’t made a “basic” juice like this in a while, I ended up using only half of an apple and that even tasted too sweet to me. When I say basic I mean a juice that’s fantastic for those transitioning to raw vegetable and fruit juices. After juicing for a while or any change in your diet really ones taste buds gradually change. I try to consider others when I make drinks, including those who can handle more or less “green earthy flavors” in their juice than I can.

This recipe is a basic, simple and tasty beet juice using ingredients that are easy to find. I also think these are ingredients almost anyone juicing would already have in the house too.

ABC Juice


1 beet (or more!)

1/2 an apple (If you use two or three beets I recommend one whole apple. I’m personally not a fan of using yellow or green apples in this juice just a heads up!)

2 celery sticks

2 carrots

1/2 lemon without rind (Rind if you want your juice a little more bitter and earthy)

Juice, stir, be careful of your lips teeth and anything touching this juice turning sexy red and ENJOY! ❤ xoxo

Beets have been earning some much deserved attention with marathon runners and other athletes as well. About 2 cups of beets an hour before running improves performance, it is believed it is the natural nitrate-rich content in beets (also in arugula) that improves exercise capacity. Of course these benefits last for days, not just a whole hour, but this seems to be when studies have shown the most evidence of true health/performance benefits.

It is possible to over do it, after consuming beets three or four days straight the performance benefits plateau. So planning ahead is essential for being prepared for the big marathon or event.

Nitrate is linked with beneficial health effects such as improving exercise performance (gives oxygen to the body/muscles) and lowering blood pressure however, when used as a preservative in processed meats such as sausage and bacon it has been linked with cancer. The natural source of something is typically the best, with raw foods it certainly is.

Overall, I am happy with how my juice feast went and ended. I didn’t actually miss chewing food much but today for breakfast I ate watermelon. The feeling of biting into a watermelon slice and having the juice drip down my face felt amazing. I plan on consuming sesame seeds, chia seeds and a few other supplements during these essential transitional days. There is a stomach bug, flu, cold, allergies pretty much everything going around in my town starting yesterday. I’d like to keep myself extra strong and prepared during this stressful time period of transitioning to solids, packing and traveling.

I’d love any feedback on my juices, or how someone’s juice feast/detox is going. If there are any fruits or vegetables you or a loved one are interested in getting a recipe with please let me know! I love experimenting ❤

Thank you for taking the time to stop by my site. Have a delicious day, much love and raw power 😉

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3 thoughts on “Day 7 Juice Feast & Transitioning To Solids

  1. Cece says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for more than a month now and I absolutely LOVE it. I’m trying to find some other blogs that you may know of that are about cleansing and such (like your blog!). I was having a hard time finding others and was wondering which ones you visit.

    • Thank you for following and showing some love! I’ve had this blog for a year and it’s touching to get such a sweet comment 🙂 At one point or another most raw vegans will discuss cleansing and juicing. I recommend checking out some of the links from my previous post. Angela Stokes-Monarch and her husband Matt Monarch have their own YouTube Channel with fun and informational videos, they own Doctor Morse has a fantastic YouTube Channel, Dan The Life Regenerator, David Wolfe or anyone from Ann Wigmore’s Institute would be helpful. I haven’t seen much written information on cleansing besides in print.

      Please let me know if there is anything you would like to see more of, or anything you are curious about with cleansing. I do juice cleanses fairly frequently and haven’t earned any comments from people on my blog. I am so happy to see that someone is enjoying it! Thank you again for visiting my site 🙂 have a delicious day ❤

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