Days 3 & 4 Juice Feast

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June 1, 2012 by Living Girl Living Foods

Sorry for not posting yesterday everyone! Lots of wild, confusing and sometimes upsetting things happen while cleansing. Yesterday I had a lot of trip planning to take care of, wanted to make sure I got my dose of Vitamin D the best way possible, going outside and having a little fun like going to yoga and biking. I lost track of time and before I realized the first time I sat down because I did everything it was already past 10pm and I was ready for bed.

I am going to combine two days, since I do not have many recipes to share, this way we can get back on track too.

Well I completely misjudged where my kitchen table was while rushing around the house the other morning and dropped my delicious Mango Lemon Mint Kale Juice all over the kitchen floor. The juice and glass even went into the two neighboring rooms 😦 It was a bit difficult for me to keep calm and carry on because I had somewhere I needed to be and lots planned that day.


Even though I only got to have one sip, this juice was super delicious, thick and filled with sweet fresh summer tastes.

Mango Mint Kale Juice Recipe

1 mango peeled and cut

4-6 kale leaves

1/2-1 lemon, rind removed

3 or more large lemon mint leaves or just regular mint is fine

Juice and enjoy immediately! This can also be blended if everything is chopped (remove as much of the kale stem as possible) and depending on your blender about 1/2 a cup of water will probably be needed. It’s also best to juice the lemon by hand or with a citrus juicer then add it to your blender ingredients.

Since I was in such a rush I ended up juicing half of a mini watermelon, rind and all! It made 4 cups of juice and filled me up in no time. I always find it difficult to drink all of my watermelon juice because it temporarily makes me feel full and bloated.


But usually I end up urinating shortly afterwards or while I still have a fair amount of juice left over. Giving more room in my belly for this delicious drink! Check out my previous post from Day One of my Juice Feast on the health benefits of watermelon and how fantastic it is for the kidneys while cleansing 🙂

I’ve been having this for breakfast for the past two days, I never like to keep open melon around the house for long. My second time around making this juice somehow I ended up having 5 cups of juice!

For my “Linner” juice I wanted something with some complex flavors to make up for my very delicious but plain Watermelon Juice. The recipe is from, and here is my previous post about the juice. This juice has been one of my favorite recipes and I make this drink pretty frequently when I can find watercress, which really isn’t easy especially because I almost always buy it organic.

FitSugar’s Green Detox Juice Recipe


1/2 bunch spinach
1 handful watercress
1/2 lemon, peeled
1 celery stalk
2 apples (I love Gala, Fuji or Golden Delicious for this one)

This green lemonade has a nice bitter, sweet and tart combination. The watercress is really makes this drink unique and flavorful, it’s a great way to combine all these different flavors because watercress has in one way or another similar tastes. I made a double batch, I’ve been craving this juice for so freakin’ long but couldn’t find watercress at the store. This made two large glasses of juice, so I had one for lunch and a few hours later I had another for dinner.

A lunch drink I had on day 4 of my juice feast isn’t ready to be shared just yet. I do not think I have the portions down right to please others taste buds. But I made a Ginger Baby Bok Choy Pear Juice that also had lemon and celery in it. I think it would need more pear to please others, the flavor of bok choy is pretty strong and my pear did not provide as much juice as I had expected.

But here is an image of the juice, I hope in a day or two to have it all figured out 🙂


My dinner juice yesterday was terrible. I was out of fruit, didn’t have the ingredients around I wanted so I kind of threw a few things together and tried my best to drink the juice as quickly as possible 😡

Today I need to do some serious shopping at the grocery store. I am missing beets and apples! I would also like to see what greens are around and if I can get my hands on some pretty grapes. My good friend told me grapes are fantastic for the kidneys so I am going to give it a try to see what I think. I can’t seem to get that grapefruit beet juice I made out of my mind and I’d like to come up with at least one more awesome beet juice before ending my cleanse.

I still haven’t decided how long I will be going for. Yesterday was a slow day in the world of bowel movements, so I think it depends on how today goes (today is day 5 of my feast, I am writing these a day behind so many those who are interest can literally do their own feast and get ideas from mine).

I really want to go over some of the emotions and crazy things that happen while cleansing, feasting and/or detoxing. Yet I feel like this post has already gotten so long!

As you can see I had a mishap with one of my drinks, the rest of my day felt bizarre. I felt like all of the energy around me was being held back, or on pause. As the day went on the feeling went away, but my friends & family were even having an off day as well. As I continue my feast I feel more in tune with the emotions of others and the energy people, things and the day brings.

I also see that if I do not have my juices by certain times I get anxious and snappy. I sound like a drug addict, “I just need my juice man!” It’s not like I don’t have food to make juice, the juice will eventually be made, I can’t actually starve or anything.

Getting some extra sunshine time yesterday helped straighten me out though, time to just chill out during all the madness of getting ready to move.

Checking in with yourself, meditating, writing, creating something not related to juicing or anything in particular can be a huge help while juice feasting. Somedays it feels like juicing, grocery shopping and cleaning up the kitchen take over.

I’m hoping tomorrow to go over a little more about the emotions, cravings and weird things that happen while juice feasting. When it comes down to it, it’s really the fear or emotions in you testing your strength. Testing to see who you honestly are as a person.

Thank you all for reading and taking the time out of your day to stop by my site! Have a delicious day, much love ❤

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