Juice Feast Day 3: Focusing On Cleansing the Liver & Kidneys


May 30, 2012 by Living Girl Living Foods

I mentioned in my previous post how we all have different things we would like to cleanse, work on, heal, and over all give a little extra love to. I’ve overcome and hope to continue working on some personal issues I have. Fear, anxiety, anxiousness that causes me to rush and do harmful things, frustration, anger and other emotions that make it a battle at times to do the right thing.

I think a lot of these overwhelming emotions come from places in our bodies, our organs try to give us signals that something isn’t right. I’ve been feeling very strongly about doing some serious cleansing in my liver and kidneys to break up and dispose anything else blocking me from becoming the person I feel like I am but am not acting like.

These juices are heavy on beets, dandelion greens, spinach, and lemon. I have found these ingredients to be fantastic for cleansing both the liver and kidneys, but this may not work for everyone. My liver is pretty clean, I can do around 3 or 4 beets in a day. For some who do not consume beets frequently this can be harsh on the stomach. Another ingredient that I can consume a hefty load of is dandelion greens. To some they are too bitter but they do amazing work on both the kidneys and liver. I can consume a whole bunch of dandelion greens in a day and more without any discomfort.

Just like I did yesterday, I will mention if I think beet rookies and dandelion rookies should consume less. I do not want to sound mean or demeaning, I just don’t want anyone to feel any discomfort from trying to consume too much of something that is powerful.


For breakfast I wanted something sweet, green and with beets. My mother surprised me and bought some lovely grapefruits and a friend gave me a one pound bag of fresh spinach from their yard. So I decided to make a Grapefruit Beet Spinach Carrot Celery Juice that I am calling Citrus Sweet Beets.

Citrus Sweet Beets Recipe


1 Grapefruit peeled and sliced in quarters (I wished afterwards I had only put half, it was sweet so may be try half of a grapefruit first and see how that goes)

2 Large Beets, peeled (If you have never had beet juice fresh before or just a bottle at a juice bar this is much more beet than you will most likely be use to. Just one beet might be best)

2 Carrots, peeled

3 Handfuls of spinach

1 Celery Stick

*Optional, I didn’t personally do this but half an inch to an inch of ginger would be delicious in this*

The sweet citrus fruit makes it possibly to have so many greens and different ingredients without the juice tasting weird. Grapefruit really does take over this juice so if you are scared of any of these ingredients please do not worry! I wanted this juice to be flexible for everyone’s taste buds ❤

I made a huge batch of my Ultimate Kidney & Liver Blast Lemonade for lunch that ended up keeping me full for the rest of the day. I could hear lots of good movement in my stomach while digesting this. This juice is for those who are looking for a good bowel movement and a strong cleanse. If you haven’t had much beets or dandelion greens in your diet I recommend using about half of the dandelion greens I used.

The Ultimate Kidney & Liver Blast Lemonadeimage

1 Bunch dandelion greens

6 Beet tops

1 Medium beet, peeled and cut into quarters

1 Celery Stick

1 Apple, cut into quarters (I used Gala)

1 lemon, rind removed

1 handful of your preferred greens, I used Spinach

This juice tasted just like a green lemonade, the lemon and sweetness from the apple masked almost everything else. Depending on your choice of greens this flavor will be playing with the sweetness. If you aren’t sure what other greens would be tasty here try romaine for something freshening and collard greens if you want an extra mean green punch.

The mix of lemon and dandelion greens helps sweeten the bitter flavor that dandelion greens have. All of these ingredients are very cleansing and provide energy, protein and nutrients to help you feeling strong while juice feasting.

I’ve been feeling very wonderful during my feast and have been on a roll with cleaning. My mother has always said, and she insists this is a family saying, “A clean house is a clean body.” My sleep patterns are well, energy is fantastic but I haven’t been as hungry as I was expecting to be.

Tomorrow I do not have much to share recipe wise, so instead I will be writing more about emotions, changes in the mind and body while doing a juice feast. Strong and sometimes overwhelming feelings and things occur while cleansing. It’s important to consider these events to help yourself, especially to see if there is anywhere in your body that is lacking nutrients or cleansing.

Here’s a little quote I use to get myself back on the right path at times when I feel weak. “Before acting on a habit, pause. Ask yourself how you feel. Propose to yourself that other choices exist.” Deepak Chopra.

Thank you all for taking your time to stop by my site. Have a delicious day ❤ Much love and raw power 😉

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