Juice Feast Day 2


May 29, 2012 by Living Girl Living Foods

These first few days of juicing I am hoping to introduce recipes and ingredients to those who are not familiar with juicing or combination ratios. Gradually as my feast goes on I will start making juices for those who are regular juices or almost there. The true “secret” to making a great green juice is fruit. Combining the right fruit and proportion to your greens and vegetables. This second day of the juice feast is the last day of juices high in fruit, and with the least amount of combining.

Fruit is very powerful in cleansing, immunity and provides energy that we can all feel almost instantly unless our bodies are jacked up with too many processed foods, sugars and caffeine. While doing a juice feast there isn’t actually too many rules or guides to follow. However, no caffeine should be consumed, only raw juices, some people take supplements still while feasting and consume fats like coconuts and avocados. I personally do not but that’s up to you and what your body needs. Herbal teas are perfectly fine to consume, I highly recommend it in the morning if you are used to having a cup of coffee. Or at night to ease any late night cravings.

We all cleanse, detox, juice and so on for different reasons. I am doing a juice feast because my stomach has been all over the place since I followed Ani Phyo’s Fat Blast. I was constipated, bloated, my skin was freaking out, my energy wasn’t right, sleep wasn’t great either so I felt mentally and physically weak. For me juice feasting is a way of prescribing myself medicine, going straight to what cures me.

Since I have been juice feasting I have had healthy bowel movements twice a day, I already feel a huge difference but still have a while to go. The night of day one my sleep pattern was bizarre, I felt like I had millions of dreams and kept waking up throughout the night. That day I was also out in the sun doing some physical work washing, scrubbing and washing my mother’s deck. Usually the first few days of feasting I will have terrible sleep like this, I think all the sun didn’t help me out much either.

After having a wacked out night I wanted to have a citrus drink to help wake me up and get the ball rolling. I made an Orange Turmeric Tonic, this is almost identical to the Turmeric Tonic I made Day One but instead of juicing a whole lemon I juiced a whole orange. This tonic is much sweeter and is most likely an easier transition to little turmeric drinks than the Turmeric Tonic I posted yesterday. I like consuming the Turmeric Tonic more than this drink however because I can honestly feel a huge difference using a whole lemon and the sugar in citrus fruits like oranges can be too acid in the morning. It’s actually best to have citrus fruits at night, it’s kinder on our digestion because it can take a while to probably breakdown these types of fruits.

Orange Turmeric Tonic


Juice of one orange

1-inch turmeric, peeled

Dash of cayenne and/or black pepper

1/2 cup filtered water, according to your preference

What I did with this one was I used a citrus juicer for the orange and finely grated turmeric into the juice. You could always throw the orange peeled and the turmeric peeled into a juicer, or blend the ingredients and strain it (orange fibers do not break up easily in my blender at least).

For lunch I had an Green Apple Parsley Kale Lemon Ginger Juice. I’ve had a serious craving for parsley lately and all of these ingredients are very cleansing for me.This juice is very sweet and warm, and I think most people who are still fairly new to juicing can enjoy this concoction. Everything can be modified to be sweeter, greener, warmer or more refreshing according to your preference. This is a fantastic summer drink that can be blended up with ice and if you want to make it look extra pretty leave whole parsley leaves inside or even add mint for some extra stomach strength benefits. Many people newer to juicing have found this combination to be very cleansing 🙂

Green Apple Parsley Kale Lemon Ginger Juice

*not sure what happened with this photo, won’t seem to upload*

1 Green Apple, cored, chopped if blended, cut in quarters if juicing (if you like your juices super sweet use less kale or more apple)

4 Kale Leaves, chopped and destemmed if blending (I used curly because that’s the only option around right now, if you are a “rookie” at juicing it’s okay if you prefer to just use 2 leaves, more advanced juice consumers may be happy with up to 6 leaves)

15 parsley stems, chopped if blended (refreshing)

1-inch or more of ginger, if using a blender mince (this gives the juice warmth and a kick)

1/2 lemon with rind off (if using a blender juice by hand and add to the mix)

Blend until it is at your preferred consistency and mix well. You may need to strain this juice because of the apple and kale fiber if you used a blender.

For dinner I was craving something extra juicy and I already had a color in mind that I wanted my juice to be. This might sound crazy, but even when juicy there are strong cravings we all have. I was also thinking about how every beet juice recipes is an ABC recipe; apples, beets, and carrots. I love this combination don’t get me wrong but it’s overdone and beets have a lot to offer in flavor, color and combining. They are lucky enough to be sweet, hearty, and bright…I feel like I just described what we all look for in people.

I had just went to the farm near my house to pick up some fresh strawberries and while I was there I saw some cantaloupes. Instantly I knew I wanted to make a Golden Beet Cantaloupe Carrot Juice. This is another fantastic summer drink that is a great way to introduce people to juicing. All of these ingredients make a ton of juice and the quantities are flexible, so please juice according to your taste buds. It’s a super simple recipe too and does not leave much fiber juicers. I honestly was sick and tired of making drinks in my blender, it is very time-consuming and with blogging, getting ready to move and feasting I didn’t have the time to blend this. But if you peel and chop everything this is totally do able in a blender, just add water as needed.

Golden Beet Cantaloupe Carrot Juice


2 medium Golden Beets, peeled & quartered (if you use beets often in juices and your liver is already very clean please feel free to do 4 beets)

2 cups cantaloupe, seeds removed, rind removed, and cut into cubes (about one fourth of a small cantaloupe)

2 carrots, peeled

This juice mostly tastes like cantaloupe, if you do not regularly consume beets I would try just one beet at first and keep the rest of the portions as is. All of these ingredients are very sweet and the beets just add a nice hearty taste to try to keep in relatively calm. If you have a hard time enjoying beet juices, it’s all about the fruit like I mentioned earlier in this post. These simple flavors and bright colors should do the trick 😉

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing another type of beet juice and some recipes that are heavier on the greens. I do not think I will be making as many blended juices as I have been doing, it’s very time consuming and no matter what I do they seem to get slightly warmed in the blender. Something I personally do not want to happen to my juices.

Thank you all for reading and taking the time to stop by 😀 Have a delicious day! ❤ ❤ Happy Juicing

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2 thoughts on “Juice Feast Day 2

  1. Definitely going to give the Green Apple Parsley Kale Lemon Ginger Juice and Golden Beet Cantaloupe Carrot Juice a try! I saw most of these at my farmer’s market the other day, perfect! 😉

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