BluePrintJuice Green Juice Review <3


May 20, 2012 by Living Girl Living Foods

BluePrint Juice. Raw, vegan, cold pressed, hydraulic pressed juice that uses 6 pounds of greens to make their green juice? YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU 🙂 It’s pricey, around $9.99 for a 16 oz. bottle, and it looks like the only grocery store currently carrying this product is WholeFoods. I have a good feeling this will change though.

Juices like these are ideal to have around when; traveling, visiting friends/family, emergencies, and it’s something that can save us all from picking up an unhealthy snack or pasteurized juice that has fewer living enzymes (which means fewer vitamins and minerals). Even pasteurized juices like this run around $5 or $6 dollars a bottle. So how I try to see drinks like this is, it’s something I wouldn’t buy frequently, but it’s a wonderful option compared to pasteurized drinks that have who knows how little TRUE nutritional value.


BluePrintJuice Green has romaine, celery, cucumber, apple, spinach, kale, parsley, lemon, and ginger. What’s so great about this product is the ingredients are listed in bold right on the front of the bottle. There are no secrets, pesky additives, or preservatives that are difficult to pronounce. We actually know exactly what is in this drink and BluePrintJuice can even list it right on the front of their product, not many companies can do this!

I mostly taste romaine, celery, cucumber, and parsley…right in that order of strength too. The drink smelt like V8, mmmmmmmm :D!

According to the bottle, “This chlorophyll-packed green juice lowers acidity and balances your pH. Stay alkaline. Stay healthy.”


I had this juice as an afternoon snack and it hit the spot! Green juices like this help energize, detoxify and rejuvenate our bodies. It can detoxify the blood, prevent our body from raising havoc within and stopping any possible cells from causing diseases or illnesses.

On BluePrintJuice’s website they even have a juice cleanse plan using their juices. They show you what juices to have which days 🙂 A great option if you want to cleanse on the go or do not think you have the time to juice on your own.

The past two days I was eating mono meals and green juices like this are a great transition.

I love the design of the bottle, it caught my eyes almost immediately. Everything on the label is clear, simple, pure and gets straight to the point. I also picked up a bottle of their “Red Juice” a beet based (apple, carrot, beet, lemon & ginger)drink. I typically make a juice just like this at home, but for the sake of reviewing 😉 I decided to pick this one up! I will probably have it tomorrow 🙂 There are three other flavors but they didn’t interest me much, two have agave (booooo plus one has cashews a big no no for me) and the other had too much natural sugar from fruits for my liking.

They do have a drink that is the semi healthier version of the master cleanse drink, if there is such thing as a healthier twist to it. But this has agave, on their site it is the Yellow Drink.

I highly recommend these juices to those who are looking for a juice worth their money and worth being in their body ❤ I picked up the two flavors that also happened to have just two left in the cooler.

At my local WholeFoods in Providence, Rhode Island this lovely drink can be found in the kombucha cooler near the cashiers.

P.S: Since it is a raw juice you will notice that the expiration is fairly short, about a week or so was the dates on the bottles I saw at my local WholeFoods. So indulge soon!

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