The Last Day of Ani Phyo’s 15-Day (22) Fat Blast


May 16, 2012 by Living Girl Living Foods

Today’s menu was all up to me! I could pick any breakfast shakes, snacks, soups, salads, and entrees.

I decided to make the Blueberry Shake from Day 1 Phase 1 for breakfast. The weather here today has been overall miserable, my body has been in snap, crackle, pop mode since yesterday. This sweet granola like shake was just what I was craving. May be I put to many ice cubes in the shake, or my blender did not “warm up” as much as normal but I had several coconut oil chunks in my drink. Below is a photo of the coconut oil pieces leftover from my drink.


Lunch was amazing and filling, I had some of the left over soup as a snack before dinner. My lunch soup was Carrot Ginger. I added all of the boosts, coconut oil and chipotle. This was a soup I haven’t had yet from the book, I think it was supposed to be a snack but I didn’t see any harm in turning it into a lunch soup.


The soup was thick, creamy, simple and even felt like it was cooked. I think the chipotle gave it that warm kick that can mimic cooked foods. On a cold, damp and thundering day like this it’s nice to have a comfort food around.

Carrot Ginger Soup mostly tastes like avocado, miso and carrot. I was bummed out that I couldn’t taste the ginger, the recipe called for one teaspoon, the next time I make this soup I will probably add a lot more ginger. Shhh, I tried a little bit with a sprinkle of nutritional yeast for a Vitamin B boost (great for healthy brain function and to improve ones mood). It was bomb diggity!

I am having my dinner on the go so I am making this post before I even get to eat it, hehe. But for dinner I will be having the Mushroom Rolls with Root Rice in Wraps that I had last night. I loved these little sushi like bites, these rolls hold so much flavor and crunch. I have enough root rice leftover for probably just one wrap not two, but I’m going to try to make it work anyway 🙂

A few people have asked me where I bought my raw oils and other condiments. Why raw oils and so on. In the past I made a post all about what materials one should have in their kitchen if they want to make raw dishes, especially if they are going to use oils and other condiments. Here is a link to that post titled, “5 Basic Raw Ingredients In Your Unbaking Cabinet.” Also, here is a link to my post all about raw black sesame oil. I go over what the oil looks like, tastes like, and a recipe of mine that I used it in.


Overall I feel well, my energy isn’t as high as yesterday but I think it’s also because my sciatic pain is much worse today. The dampness here today is making me feel stiff.

I am back to my original weight loss of about 4 pounds from following Ani Phyo’s Fat Blast, at one point I had lost 6 pounds had stomach issues gained a ton of weight and now there is where I am. My stomach is back to having regular bowel movements and none of the food today has bothered my stomach.

There are a few recipes Ani shares in the book to try out after doing the Fat Blast. I plan on testing a few of them out, there are some juice recipes that I am mostly excited for.

I’ve been reading a lot about Watermelon Feasts lately, for cleansing. In a few days once I use up the leftover veggies and what not from following Ani’s book I will probably do a Watermelon Feast for about 5 days depending if I can find a good deal on watermelons right now.

I still have a ton of cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes and herbs from following this book. Most of the herbs are already to the point that I do not think I will be able to use them fresh, so I plan on hanging them upside to dry. This way I have more dried herbs around the house 🙂

Another thing I plan on doing after this cleanse is to keep away from nuts, zucchini, bananas and try to use some of the ingredients in Ani’s recipes more often. Especially the ones I notice that are used almost everyday such as; miso, coconut oil, avocado, fruit, fermented foods, nori and mushrooms.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting some recipes I did not get to try out during the cleanse plus a meal or juice that Ani recommends trying out from the after the Fat Blast section.

Thank you all for following me on this adventure! It’s amazing how much the body tries to educate you on what is good and bad for you as an individual. I’ve always noticed that these foods like bananas have slightly bothered my stomach but didn’t think much of it. Have a delicious day!


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3 thoughts on “The Last Day of Ani Phyo’s 15-Day (22) Fat Blast

  1. Congratulations! Well done! We’re starting the journey on Friday.. 🙂

  2. Carla says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey with this plan. I found this blog when searching about the book. I’ve read the book and your insights will help me tremendously. I think I’ll skip the recipes you didn’t like and sub others. Plus I have some food sensitivities too.

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