Day 14: Second to Last Day of Ani Phyo’s 15-Day (22) Fat Blast


May 15, 2012 by Living Girl Living Foods

This mornings recipe mostly called for pumpkin seeds, since I seem to have some sort of stomach sensitivity to them I decided to make a different strawberry shake instead. I went for the Simply Strawberry Shake that is a breakfast choice during Phase 1. The recipes are fairly similar except the Simply Strawberry calls for coconut oil and vanilla. I figured as long as I went with strawberries and some MCFAs I would be all set 🙂 I had this shake before heading out to yoga class, and it kept me full during my run after yoga too!


For lunch I had a Cumin Slaw with Coconut Miso Vinaigrette. Here’s another recipe where I couldn’t find any measurements on just how much vinaigrette should go over the salad. The salad consists of any type of cabbage (I had Napa around), cucumber, tomato (I used cherry tomatoes), carrot, scallions and cumin seeds. I hope I was supposed to use whole cumin seeds and not ground. I always get worried when it’s not clearly stated like that. The Coconut Miso Vinaigrette was simple; coconut oil, miso and apple cider vinegar. I was a little hesitant with this salad, I wasn’t sure how the cumin would taste with everything else.


I was pleasantly surprised! The “vinaigrette” makes the slaw so tasty and was more of a paste. I mashed in one tablespoon, mixed the salad well, tasted it, and added just a teaspoon more. The vinaigrette tasted very creamy, almost like a mayonnaise. I loved the crunch of all of the vegetables. I kept mushing the slaw around while I ate because the coconut oil was turning into very tiny solid pieces.

Dinner was Mushroom Rolls with Root Rice. Mushrooms were marinated in soy sauce (coconut nectar in my case), toasted sesame oil (I use raw black sesame oil), and one cup of mushrooms (I used Portabella and Shiitake again 😀 ). This is the same marinate sauce used in the Mushroom Green Wraps from two nights ago.


The root rice options are jicama, turnip or daikon radish. I could only find turnip in town, I really wanted to do it with the jicama. Jicama rice is the bomb! Also in the root rice is white miso and scallions. This root rice has lots of flavor from the miso and scallions, it reminds me of creamy onion mashed potatoes.


To make this into a wrap, half on a collard green is placed half way though a nori sheet wrapped with the mushrooms, root rice, carrots and cucumbers. I LOVE THESE! Simple, flavorful, crunchy, salty, creamy and they look absolutely stunning. I have enough of the root rice left over to make just one more roll of wraps, tomorrow is the last day of the Fat Blast and I am allowed to pick whatever I want to eat…this will be my dinner for sure.


The collard greens, marinate and root rice combined make the wraps taste like wasabi is inside. It feels weird calling these wraps because it’s more like sushi, at least to me 🙂 These stick together very well, and the collard does a great job protecting the nori sheet from getting wet.



Today’s meals were superb, everything went well with my stomach and I feel like I am learning a lot of spices with these recipes.

My energy level has been fantastic, I think I might even go to another yoga class today because I feel so good. I haven’t had any sciatic pain today and I did have one bowel movement, but nothing to congratulate me on it wasn’t much.

This morning I noticed my skin is breaking out a little bit on my chin and near my left ear. It was just starting to get a great glow and bam pimples.

Tomorrow I am allowed to pick meals from the book for each meal. Right away I picked up blueberries to make the blueberry shake! I know I will have the same dinner I had tonight tomorrow. But I still haven’t made up my mind for lunch, may be a soup to mix things up?

Thank you all so much for reading! I tried to post earlier today per request 😀 Hope you can stop by tomorrow and see how my last day of the Fat Blast goes. I plan on doing a weigh in and reflecting on my previous posts and filling you in on my food plans after Ani’s Fat Blast. Have a delicious day! Much love ❤

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