Day 1 of Phase 3, Ani Phyo’s 15-Day Fat Blast (Now 22 Days!)

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May 9, 2012 by Living Girl Living Foods

This morning I kicked off my day with a large Vanilla Blueberry Shake, I used the “Power Pack” of wheatgrass powder in this one. The taste was wonderful, this is another simple shake to make with few ingredients. I bought a 6 oz. package of fresh blueberries, the recipe calls for 1 cup of fresh or frozen, after measuring out the berries for the recipe I have around 12 blueberries left in the package. If you aren’t familiar with wheatgrass the flavor of it is not noticeable at all in the shake because of the sweetness from the blueberries, tea, and vanilla.

I recommend buying a single packet of the powder and seeing if you like it or not. Fresh wheatgrass of course is much better but we work with what we have! Wheatgrass is super alkalizing, energizing and is packed with lots of nutrients. Wheatgrass is largely chlorophyll & contains all the essential amino acids; it is a rich source of vitamin a & d, and is exceptionally high in b vitamins (great for a healthy brain and to keep your mood up). It is also rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, sulfur, cobalt and zinc.

When I came home from yoga I drank the left over Vanilla Blueberry Shake (8 oz.). Due to the high amounts of fiber in blueberries and the hemp protein I threw in instead of using nuts, the top of the shake had a foamy thick separated substance.

This is completely normal, and is the natural process especially with oxidizing. Just stir the shake and it will be perfectly fine to consume 😀 You will probably also get some of these wonder pieces stuck on your teeth 😉

For lunch I had to modify the planned salad quiet a bit because of my stomach bothering me today. The Senna tea I consumed last night has been extremely harsh on my stomach today. Leaving me dehydrated, drained, and my stomach is feeling ultra sensitive. I did not think my stomach could handle the nuts needed for the dressing so I used a mix of ground flax, flax seeds and hemp seeds. My lunch was a modified Kreamy Chipotle Salad with Kreamy Chipotle Dressing.

The salad is simple just romaine, red leaf, red pepper and cucumbers. The dressing tasted very strong of miso, probably because I did not use cashews like the recipe called for. It did taste pretty good though anyway! It really is the dressing that makes this salad.

I changed the dinner plan today tremendously due to my stomach pains. There was supposed to be a Zucchini or Kelp Noodle dish with marinara sauce. But I know marinara sauce and my stomach right now would only end with me feeling even worse. Instead I made the snack soup for my dinner. The soup has lots of rehydrating, alkalizing, good bacteria and fats that my body is probably lacking right now from how harsh the Senna tea was on my stomach.


Kreamy Cucumber Soup is mostly made of cucumber, miso, avocado, and romaine or green of your choice (I used spinach YUM!). There are two boosts to pick and choose, I used both chipotle and coconut oil. This recipe called for almost the same ingredients used in today’s lunch soup…kinda weird. So I wanted to mix it up a little bit and add the spinach. This soup is def up there on my list of favorites. I’m surprised at how amazing the coconut oil works in this one, it helps make it thick and plays well with the chipotle.


That Senna Tea knocked me off my feet! I never get consistent results with that stuff, I don’t think I’ll be using it again. I’m hoping tomorrows foods will be good to me, the Pineapple Cilantro Shake for breakfast looks amazing and right up my taste bud alley.

Besides my stomach bringing me down overall I was in good spirits today, not ever moody even though my stomach felt terrible. I surprised myself and took a quick cat nap, I am not a napper at all but I’m guessing taking this many bowel movements pooped me out, ha ha ha 😉

I did go to yoga today and did my run! I’ve been keeping a water bottle with me at all times too to try to get hydrated again.

Today it has been difficult to eat and stay with the meal plans because of my stomach feeling like complete chaos. But I just stayed busy, motivated and hydrated that helped big time.

Please stop by here tomorrow and see how Ani Phyo’s 15-Day Fat Blast is treating me! Thank you for reading and have a delicious day ❤

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