Last Day of Phase 2, Ani Phyo’s 15-Day Fat Blast (Now 22 Days!)

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May 8, 2012 by Living Girl Living Foods

Well for whatever reason all of the photos I took today are not uploading correctly 😦 So I’m sorry for the lack of images to help break things up and keep it fun. Here is my post from the first time I did day 7!

This morning I had a Matcha Shake for breakfast, delicious! I had this just before going for a run, instead of using almonds I used hemp protein. Last time I did not have bananas around so I used pineapple, but today I was ready for this ingredient. The shake tastes amazing with the banana, and makes a nice thickness. Yet, bananas and I are currently not getting along at all.

Food sensitivities are always changing, and it’s sad for me to think that this lovely fruit will most likely be completely eliminated from my diet. I still have not had a bowel movement since bananas were added into Ani’s meal plan. I even had Senna tea last night before bed and no luck. That’s really terrible :-/

Today’s lunch was a Corn and Basil Mesclun Salad with Apple Cider Vinaigrette. This time around I did have mesclun mix, it looked and tasted much better!

My afternoon snack was a celery, tomato and miso based soup called Smooth Operator. With a name like that you’d think a girl would have a nice bowl movement afterwards…but nope!

Souper Supper was for dinner, I freakin’ love this soup! I blended up a little bit more this time around, it was extra creamy and thick. But also made me feel extra bloated 😦 I’m starting to seriously consider quitting this Fat Blast if my stomach does not feel better in a day or two. I’ve gained in total 4 pounds now during Phase 2, and I feel terrible.


After I am done with this cleanse, or whenever I decide to stop I would like to concentrate on having a more alkalized diet. Keep your body at a help pH prevents it from causing havoc inside and even protecting it from diseases. When the body has too much acid it can cause harm to our blood, muscles and bones. It is believed that even the feeling of pain is linked to high acidity in the body. Many who suffer from chronic pain have highly acidic accumulations throughout the nervous system. The excess acid aggravates/increases pain.

Below is a chart I found on Garden Of Life’s FaceBook page with foods that are alkalizing to acidic.

Thank you all for reading and taking your time to stop by my site! Have a delicious day and please stop by tomorrow to see how Phase 3 treats me. Much love ❤ and raw power 😉

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