Phase 2, Day 6 Ani Phyo’s 15-Day Fat Blast (Now 22 Days)


May 7, 2012 by Living Girl Living Foods

It’s the second to last day of Phase 2 “Take Off.” This morning before working out I had my breakfast shake Chocolate Banana Mylk.


Shh I added a few ice cubes to make the quantity larger. I also threw in the “Thermo Charger” and “Super Power Pack“, matcha and maca. Plus some boosts of my own like Ashwagandha and Mesquite powder.

Ashwagandha (ash wag an dha) has a caramel flavor, it has rejuvenating properties like; reducing the side effects of stress, reducing anxiety & immune system protection. It improves learning, memory and reaction time and reduces brain cell degeneration. Some use it for thyroid health, its anti-tumor qualities, to reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels and so much more. All are great benefits to be consuming any day but especially helpful when you are feeling sluggish, may be some ashwagandha in the morning is just the kick you need 🙂

Mesquite is has a spicy caramel chocolate taste that goes great with desserts. Usually it can be found in powder form in the supplement isle with cacao and other sweet boosts. It is high in protein, iron, fiber, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and lysine (yay amino acid!). Mesquite helps balance blood sugar levels and is even low in fat. Now that I’ve intrigued you may be you are wondering how the heck you are going to find this product or how to pronounce it. “Mes-keet” is in most health food stores and is easy to find online too.

Today’s lunch was an Asian Cabbage Salad with Apple Cider Vinaigrette. As promised I had a Mango Mint Shake for my afternoon snack. I had this delicious treat after going for a run and soaking up some sun. For the mint I used lemon mint from my yard, it went especially well with the sweet mango and romaine.


The recipe calls for 1 cup mango which ended up being a little bit more than half of a mango for me. I love how fresh, lively, simple and green this drink was!

For dinner I had the Coconut Tomato Soup that I seem to be having difficulties enjoying and making a sufficient amount, here is my previous post on this soup for more details. The soup lacks texture, sweetness and overall substance. I feel really terrible saying that but that’s my honest opinion.


Yet again this is when I can’t seem to have any bowel movements, the same problem I had the first day I was eating these meals. The banana shake this morning did not feel well, it tasted freakin’ amazing and I wish it didn’t hurt my stomach so much. It felt like my stomach put up a vault for anything to be digested nicely.

Yesterday’s dinner soup did not go well with my stomach either. I was feeling very bloated, surprisingly no gas. It had that feeling to it though and I could even hear my stomach not sounding too happy.

I managed to gain around 3-4 pounds because of not being able to go to the bathroom and bloating. Tonight I’ll have to do what I did the last time and drink some Senna tea.

I’m excited about tomorrow’s meals, last time I loved all of them and didn’t seem to have any stomach pains. Last time there was an afternoon snack shake I wasn’t hungry enough for that I will try to have tomorrow.

Tomorrow is also the last day of Phase 2, once I went Phase 3 more solids will be incorporated and some fun ingredients to talk about 😀

Please stop by here tomorrow and see how I am holding up! Thank you all for taking the time to read my posts. Have a delicious day, much love ❤ and raw power 😉

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5 thoughts on “Phase 2, Day 6 Ani Phyo’s 15-Day Fat Blast (Now 22 Days)

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  3. […] do use mesquite powder in this blended soup to add another dimension of flavor. I have also used this powder in a dressing […]

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