Day 2 of Phase 2, Ani Phyo’s 15-Day Fat Blast (Now 22!)

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May 6, 2012 by Living Girl Living Foods

Day 12 in total (repeated phase 1, currently repeating phase 2) of following Ani’s Fat Blast. Today for breakfast I had a banana shake, like last time I froze my banana to help thicken up the shake. This time around I used flax meal instead of nuts, it tasted like banana granola. The flax gave it a hearty texture, thickness and taste that went fantastic with the cinnamon, banana and even the “Thermo Charge,” matcha powder.

It felt instant, probably wasn’t that extreme, but my stomach did not feel right afterwards. I haven’t had a bowel movement yet today, it’s been making my stomach feel uncomfortable. It’s fun and interesting for me to rediscover which foods do not go well or go well with me after having smoothies, shakes and juices for a few days.

I think it’s almost safe to say bananas and I do not go well. They taste great, don’t get me wrong! There are several reasons on why my stomach possibly does not like them, such as; the ripeness of a banana will determine whether or not it will make you constipated when it is consumed (tricky tricky), gases used to ripen bananas, natural starch & they are a hybrid fruit (cross breeding food = decreased nutrition and no assurance on how safe they really are).

For lunch I had Ani’s Spring Sauerkraut Salad with Thermo Dressing. This time I had spring mix around the house and I picked up sunflower seeds because I remember last time I wish I had them instead of almonds. The sunflower seeds were everything I dreamed of hahaha. It tasted fantastic with the sauerkraut, miso based thermo dressing and sprouts. May be it’s just me but it even looked prettier too! Below is a photo 😀


For my afternoon snack I had a Pineapple Protein Shake, something I didn’t get to make the first time around…I was still full then 🙂 The shake was simple, just four or so ingredients. I used frozen pineapple to make it thick and I did add the boost of chlorella. Ani writes that this shake is amazing for injuries or food sensitivities because of its anti-inflammatory benefits from pineapples.


I’ve been having some terrible sciatic pain just the past few days, it’s actually cooled down a ton thank goodness. It prevented me from running and going to the second yoga class I like to go to on Sundays. I’m hoping the shake ends up balancing out my stomach too.

Today’s dinner soup was Kreamy Dill Delight. Here is a link to my post the first time I did Day 2 of Phase 2 where I have a video of me making the soup, and showing what ingredients this tasty dish consists of. This soup is hulking out with chlorophyll richness. Chlorophyll has been used for ulcers, skin diseases, pain relief and as a breath freshener. As you probably remember from your school days chlorophyll is the “blood” of a plant.

Chlorophyll gives our bodies oxygen and without sufficient oxygen in our blood we develop symptoms of; low energy, and sluggish digestion and metabolism. If I could talk to Ani myself I would ask why this is a dinner soup instead of a lunch meal, this sounds like nutrients we all could really use during the day especially to help those who suffer from afternoon crashes.


Besides the sciatic pain that was unbearable earlier today and my stomach feeling off after that banana shake this morning I’ve been feeling great. I’ve been feeling fantastic energy wise, my skin is continuing to clear up and I haven’t had any temptations to eat something that is not on my planned schedule for the day.

I bought a new water bottle the other day, this may sound completely nutso but I’ve been drinking more water ever since. The bottle has a straw that makes it easier for me to quickly take a sip so “not having time to drink water” is no longer a problem.

I’m nervous about tomorrow though, there is a “Chocolate Banana Mylk Shake” planned for my breakfast. I loved how that one tasted last time and all of the energy it gave me though. I might try it out and see if I am right about my stomach and bananas getting along or not. Also, the first time around this is when I also did not have healthy bowel movements…interesting.

Last time I wasn’t hungry enough for the Mango Mint Shake, so this time I will plan on not having the Pineapple Coconut Salad to make room for this shake!

Please stop by tomorrow and follow me on this journey 😀 Thank you all for reading!


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