Day 7, Last Day of Phase 2, Ani Phyo’s 15-Day Fat Blast (Halfway there!)


May 1, 2012 by Living Girl Living Foods

Today’s Menu:

Breakfast: Matcha Shake

Snack: Pecan Candy Apple

Lunch: Corn and Basil Mesclun Salad with Apple Cider Vinaigrette

Dinner: Souper Supper

This morning I was looking forward to making a Matcha Shake for breakfast. When I already starting throwing in ingredients I realized the bananas I had in the house went bad before they ripened so I couldn’t use the main ingredient for this one (clearly, I should have checked before and I went to yoga at 7am so it was possible to get new bananas beforehand) :-/ But I had some frozen pineapple in the freezer that I thought would be the closest thing I had around that could be a suitable improvise. Here are some photos of me with the shake and an up close & personal view of it!


I really wish I had the banana though, it would have been perfect for this shake. The pineapple still worked but it’s one of those things that nags you in the back on your mind. I added the “Super Power Pack” to this one, it didn’t make the shake taste any different and gave it an extra kick of green. The shake was like a dessert. I can only imagine how creamy it would have been with banana instead.

For my snack I had Pecan Candy Apple, it’s been raining buckets here on and off all day and it looks like the rest of the week will be one day rain, one day sunshine repeat.

This snack gave me that warm comforting feeling while getting full off of just one apple with some great toppings. I did at the “Fat Melter” and “Thermo Charger” for this recipe, the “Fat Melter” added a great texture and helped evenly spread out the toppings.

Today’s lunch was a Corn and Basil Mesclun Salad with Apple Cider Vinaigrette. I do not have mesclun mix in the house so I used some red leaf lettuce, romaine and spinach instead. This salad has very few ingredients but really got the job done. The salad doesn’t look very big or all that bright because I did not use mesclun greens, but do not let it fool you! It also doesn’t help that I had it on the go so it’s in a container 😉


The flavors, texture, colors, herbs were all satisfying. I loved having some basil and radishes to munch on! I did add the “Fat Melter” to this one, ginger, which also helped me warm up on this damp day.

Souper Supper was for dinner, this was probably one of the best soups. I love the celery and cucumber in here, we were allowed to choose a herb and I picked dill. It went amazing with the miso, lemon juice & cayenne (one of the boosts). imageI didn’t blend this up as much as I have been doing for the soups in hopes to be more satisfied with the texture and as you can guess it worked. I left tiny chopped up pieces of celery not completely blended up in the soup. The salty green crunch was just right for my liking.


Well my total weight loss is 5 pounds, so I actually gained one pound back during phase two. This isn’t so terrible for not being able to go poop for at least two days now. My energy is still amazing, I slept fantastic last night as well.

Sorry boys girls only if you can’t handle “female talk”.

I got my period this morning so this may explain the lack of elimination the past few days and also why my skin has looked terrible. Due to some powerful/touching emails from people I will do Phases 1 & 2 all over again.

It appears that almost everyone doing this Fat Blast cleanse is doing them again, it is recommended in the book even. I’ve been asked to do them again, do more videos and discuss more about elimination and skin health.

Thus, tomorrow starts Day 1 of the Fat Blast. If there were any smoothies I did not make before I will go over these. I will go more into my personal accounts of the Fat Blast as well. Just like I did a minute ago I will try to remember to give you all a heads up if I will discuss something that may be in any way offensive or uncomfortable.

I’ve been asked to include more photos of my self: skin, body, if my nails look well and so on. I will try my best! 😀

Thank you all so much for reading my blog, checking up on me, your e-mails and comments. Much love ❤ and RAW POWER! 😉

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