Day 3 (Last Day of Liquids Only!), Ani Phyo’s 15-Day Fat Blast

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April 27, 2012 by Living Girl Living Foods

Today’s Menu, Day 3 (last day of liquids only) of Ani Phyo’s 15-Day Fat Blast:

Breakfast: Piña Colada

Snack: Pear Power Shake

Lunch: Spicy Avocado Soup

Dinner: Curry Coconut Soup

This morning before leaving the house for yoga I made sure I had 16 oz of water with lemon and brought a 32 oz bottle filled with water. I’m starting to become a little considered with how little I seem to be flushing out. My skin hasn’t broken out and I am not used to going to the bathroom so little.

One I got home from practice I was completely famished and ready to get going on making my breakfast, Piña Colada. Don’t get me wrong I love pineapple and I love coconut but Piña Colada always taste too sweet and concentrated. This was the first time I ever had one that was practically perfect in every way as Mary Poppins would say! 😉

The day before I had my almonds soaking for this drink. It’s crucial to soak your tree nuts and seeds so they can germinate, neutralizing the enzyme inhibitors, encourage growth of beneficial enzymes (such as vitamins, like vitamin b something many vegheads lack) thus activating the proteins and lowering the amount of carbs. Soaked nuts and seeds are also more gentle on ones digestion and make the nutrients more easily absorbed.

Ani recommends using the ratio 1 cup nuts to 2 cups filtered water, place the nuts & water in a bowl and keep it covered with plastic wrap or something of the sorts until the next day. Please use your soaked nuts in a day or two, otherwise they start to become moldy.

Below are images of what my almonds looked like this morning and how the water ended up looking after soaking the nuts over night.

Soaking AlmondsWater From Soaking Almonds

After they have soaked overnight and have been drained, give them one good last rinse and dry them off with a towel. This way none of the remaining water is on them. Soaked nuts make a great texture for smoothies, shakes, dressings and raw desserts.

SO YES, back to the Piña Colada! I loved it 😀 It was super easy to make, I want to say it has taken me the least amount of time (besides soaking the almonds) out of all of the drinks and soups. I used the “Squeaky Cleaner” ingredient, something I don’t think I would ever think of adding in on my own but was pleased with it because of how well it went with the coconut. This drink has been the least pleasing to look at so far, the froth and separation are a little bizarre but I’m sure you won’t be looking at it for long! Below is how my shake turned out.

(Colada image keeps crashing WordPress…still having the same problem I had with an image yesterday. I WILL upload these once WordPress allows it. Thank you for your patience ❤ )

For my snack I had the Pear Power Shake, also another great drink that took very little time to make. I added the “Super Power Pack” because I wanted a little extra protein and greens. I’ve been working out a lot and I wanted to make sure I took extra care of myself. It was refreshing to have Pear in a shake, I love them. Their sweetness, texture & color is so well-balanced.

Ani Phyo's 15-Day Fat Blast Snack

Now for my dinner…I wasn’t crazy about this one. The dinner soups haven’t really been tasty to me. I’m tired of the same base and ingredients in them and the flavor isn’t doing anything for me. But I will have to give Ani credit that they are filling. Today’s dinner soup was Curry Coconut, I do enjoy curry and coconut but the soup had more of this wanna-be cheesy taste that threw me off. I did add the “Squeaky Cleaner” in this one, delicious addition!

Ani Phyo's 15-Day Fat Blast Curry Coconut Soup

My overall thoughts about Day 3:

I am so tired of avocados. Oh my goodness!!! Done done done with them. The breakfast drinks are always a huge hit for me. I feel like I could keep going with liquids only for longer but it’s not necessary at all. My day was excellent, no complaints besides the lack of pooping in my life right now. Yet somehow I still have managed to loss weight, around 6 pounds. I think I lost the weight around my hips, the oh so unkind love handle area. I have a feeling most of this weight will be gained all over again once I eat solids. In Ani’s book she writes its normal to loss around 3 to 5 lbs.

I’m feeling a bit hopeless with drinking enough water, it never seems like I can get enough in me for how much I work out. Last night was the only night I slept poorly. My skin does not look or feel any better and my stomach has never felt uneasy, bloated, cramped, ill or so on during this experience.

Tomorrow starts Phase 2 of the cleanse where solids are introduced. There will be a high focus on fermented foods (kombucha, probiotic coconut water/kefir, sauerkraut). My meals for tomorrow sound amazing and I’m pretty excited to try out the snack of the day. I do not miss chewing on food but I do miss fruit!

Please visit me here tomorrow to see how this cleanse is working out for me! Thank you all for reading ❤

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