Day 2, Ani Phyo’s 15-Day Fat Blast

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April 26, 2012 by Living Girl Living Foods

I’m starting to get use to this already! Today was a huge success with getting all my meals & snack drinks in plus I think I’ve consumed almost a gallon of water today 😀

I had a lot of errands to run and I wanted to hangout with my brother so I made my breakfast and snack drink before heading over to his place. I brought my lunch and dinner ingredients with me as well as my blender. I originally expected this to be a challenge but with proper planning and patience everything worked out wonderfully.

Today I feel energized, full, and my mind is very clear. The weather here today is cloudy and it looks like it will be raining shortly. I am usually the type that feels unmotivated on days like this but feeling this strong and positive about everything has been a massive help.

Today’s Menu:

Breakfast: Simple Strawberry Shake

Snack: Apple Green Mar-Tea-Ni (such a cute name for it)

Lunch: Ginger Soup

Dinner: Marvelous Minestrone (I actually made time for dinner today WOOOO!)

Today for breakfast I had a Simple Strawberry Shake. I’m in love with these breakfast shakes, so far they have had the same basic ingredients and I have been sticking with using the “Squeaky Cleaner” ingredient. The shakes are smooth and naturally sweet. For this one I opted using a sweetener, I didn’t find it necessary. But I’m a weeeeeeeee bit sensitive with sweets 😉

Ani Phyo's Fat Blast Day 2 Breakfast Shake

All of these soups, shakes and juices so far have been fairly similar. Today for a snack I had a Apple Green Mar-Tea-Ni. Like yesterdays Green Juice this had basic ingredients used in a green juice that I would typically have for breakfast, giving me a healthy elimination before leaving the house. This juice was plain and sweet because of the apple (I used Fuji, my favorite!) but still absolutely tasty! The greens used in this one made a more fibrous drink, I was kind of starting to wish I had juiced all of the ingredients. But I have a feeling this texture helps the mind feel full and satisfied. For this juice I also used the “Squeaky Cleaner” ingredient and suggest you use it too, it adds a great flavor to the juice that ties to all together.

Ani Phyo's Fat Blast Day 2 Snack Drink

Ani Phyo's Fat Blast Day 2 Snack

For lunch I had Ginger Soup, I loved the consistency in this one it helped me feel full rather quickly. I added the “Squeaky Cleaner” ingredient to this one, super-duper glad I did too because I think it was my favorite part of the soup. For me personally this wasn’t a super ginger soup, it was more heavy on the flavors of greens used in it. One of the ingredients made this tasty a little too salty for my liking so next time I make this soup I will probably do a little adjusting. This is another recipe that I think is a keeper!

Ani Phyo's 15-Day Fat Blast Ginger Soup Day 2 Lunch

Now yesterday I didn’t have enough time for dinner after some poor planning. But today I actually managed to figure how to squeeze everything in and I was being mobile. My dinner was Marvelous Minestrone Soup. For some odd reason, this only made 8 oz. of soup, around half of what these recipes typically make. I measured everything out and triple checked afterwards if I missed something, read a line incorrectly but I couldn’t find an error. This soup was refreshing, light, savory and not all that filling at first. Overtime it felt like everything expanded in my stomach though and I was full. I used the “Squeaky Cleaner” ingredient in this one 😀

I do have an image for this soup however there is currently a problem with WordPress and I can not download it (page freezes and crashes) as soon as I can I will have a photo up! Sorry 😦

Overall thoughts on Day 2:

Why the hell is my eliminations less often than I am use to? Usually by day 2 or 3 there is a lot of things flushing out. I’m happy the Ginger Soup was more to my liking than yesterday’s lunch. The recipes for tomorrow look excellent! PUMPED! I remember that Ani recommends going to a sauna during this part of the cleanse, I know it’s not the same but I do go to heated & steamed yoga classes everyday so I am hoping this will still be helpful with cleansing. Working a sweat should help detoxify, especially with the twists in yoga.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions and thank you for reading! Have a fantastic night 🙂 Stop on by tomorrow to check on how day 3, the last day of liquids, goes for me. Much love ❤

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