Review of Living Light Cafe in Fort Bragg California (Part 2, Dessert)


April 20, 2012 by Living Girl Living Foods

Raw Vegan Desserts. One of the best ways to show someone how easy, addicting, and pure raw vegan food tastes. Desserts are always a great way of introducing someone to a new lifestyle, there is something comforting about know that you can still have a brownie or a slice of cheesecake. Plus there is a sweet tooth in all of us, mwahaha 😉

At the Living Light Cafe I enjoyed: a Dream Bar Brownie, slice of Raspberry Cheesecake, Coconut Vanilla Chia Pudding and a medium Crimson Sunset juice.


This rich Dream Brownie Bar was $4.50 and worth every cent. The combination of nuts (tasted like almonds), cacao, coconut and some sort of dried fruit like figs made this bar the ultimate brownie for chocolate fiends. I love both chocolate and coconut so I was on top of the word with this one. Surprisingly the bar wasn’t very messy besides a few shredded pieces of coconut falling off. This bar is smooth, with little crunchy pieces of nuts. Even though I shouldn’t have because it was completely unnecessary I ate this bar in one sitting and had an epic sugar crash. I recommend cutting the bar and half and using all the power you have to not eat the entire bar in one day if you are sensitive to sweets like I am.

The price may seem high if you are not use to buying organic raw vegan treats, but this price isn’t bad actually. With raw food and figuring out if pricing is reasonable or not consider the ingredients, soaking and possibly dehydrating nuts, blending the different layers, letting the puree sit for hours in the fridge and so on.


I wasn’t going to get any raw cheesecake because they usually all taste the same to me. But this Raspberry Cheesecake actually has pieces of raspberries in it, not just pureed on the top and the look of the crust really caught my attention. It’s much darker looking than a traditional almond based raw crust. Plus, a friend kept insisting I had to try it, it’s his favorite dessert from the cafe.

It was $5.75 for the slice of cheesecake, again not bad at all. The cheesecake was super thick, creamy, smooth and even had that great feeling in my mouth where the food spread out so nicely while I was chewing. The pieces of raspberries was amazing! The texture change, look, color…it tasted and felt elegant. The cheesecake didn’t leave my stomach with that “Oh no, I ate too much” feeling that I remember I would have with dairy cheesecakes.

Here’s a picture to tease you with just how thick and amazing the texture was 😉


The crust tasted like it had just a little chocolate in it, not much though or it would have taken over the flavors in the cheesecake filling. Now I had serious problems trying to figure out the filling in this one. My guess is cashews and apples, but I couldn’t even really taste apple in this. Just how the texture ending being so smooth some sort of sweet fruit must have been used.

One of my favorite items I picked up from the Living Light Cafe is their Coconut Vanilla Chia Pudding. It was topped with Hunza Raisins, because of the liquid in the pudding the raisins became very plump but still holding their sweet flavor.


The pudding was $5, for the price of white chia seeds, coconut milk, and Hunza raisins this is a fair price. The pudding was thick, sweet, the vanilla made it warming and I thought I could taste nutmeg or something else that was sweet but with a warm kick. The chia seeds make the pudding gel-like, chia seeds gets a little bit bigger just like the Hunza raisins because of the liquid. The flavors went so well together and to get that type of texture with such simple ingredients makes it even more delicious to me.

The pudding was another item for the cafe that was surprisingly filling, I had it for breakfast with a Crimson Sunset juice. Crimson Sunset consists of; beet, carrot, apple and ginger. I bought a medium costing me $5.95. This fruit and veggie combination is extremely common at juice bars and I typically make something like this for myself frequently at home.


The cafe has a Green Star Elite Juicer, the taste and texture of the juice compares easily to a Norwalk Press Juicer which costs more than triple the amount of money! There were very few fibers in my drink, the juice was perfectly balanced and even by looking at the color of the juice you can see how the beautiful crimson sunset name describes this juice wonderfully. If you are not a fan of ginger you should probably ask for it to be omitted, ginger is a powerful flavor and it’s very bold in this juice as well.

After having a juice from the Green Star Elite and facing the fact that a 24 year old like myself could not be spending $4,000 on one Juicer, I am highly considering purchasing a Green Star Elite Juicer. This Juicer uses twin gears at a low speed to prevent the juice from heating and slowing down the oxidizing process, helping all the vitamins, minerals, nutrients and so on to stay alive. This way they actually have a chance to be absorbed in your body. This is also why bio-magnets are used in the Juicer, helping the minerals to pull through and make it’s way into the juice.

Stop on by Living Light Cafe and grab yourself a bite and juice. Remember, it’s a cafe not a restaurant so you might have to buy several things to get full ;)! Please let me know if any of you ever end up rating there, what you got and your review of the food.

Much love & gratitude! Xoxo, thank you for reading ❤

P.S: Here is a quick and dirty version of my review on Yelp! 😉

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