Smoothies, Dogs, Juices and Mushrooms OH MY

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March 3, 2012 by Living Girl Living Foods

I’ve been on a massive smoothie kick lately and for some reason I haven’t been posting as much because of it. I’m a little worried this is going to bore you all :/

I briefly want to go over the difference between a smoothie and juice. Smoothies typically consist of some type of milk, supplements, and/or water. Frozen fruit is used in a lot of them and not all use vegetables. Someties supplements/powders are added in them like protein powder, green powder, and goji powder. Smoothies are very thick, cold, and I like to have them for breakfast or as a snack. You do not have to juice the vegetable you are added to your smoothie mix but some veggies would work better (texture) juiced first. Spinach, beet tops, kale, lettuce all blend up pretty easily but carrots, beets and root vegetable should be chopped up before being placed in the blender. This way your not adding so much water or hitting start over and over again on your blender.

Everyday now I usually have some sort of modified “Down Dog” Smoothie(because there is absolutely nothing wrong with modifying and listening to your body!) from

Down Dog Smoothie

1 Scoop Hemp Protein

1 Small Frozen Banana Chopped

3/4 Cup Frozen Pineapple Pieces

1 1/2 Cup Spinach

1 Celery Stick Chopped

2 Chlorella Tablets

1 Cup Water

Delicious :D!

or my pre/post workout Wheatgrass Smoothie.

Thanks everyone who has checked out my video! It was my first time recording myself making a smoothie, kinda nerve racking. Please feel free to give me any feedback. May be there were more things you wish I covered? Just let me know 😀

I’ve posted my 9 Veggie Garden juice recipe on here before and another juice I have been making lately is similar except it is closer to the vegetables in V8…without the concentrated veggies and scary preservatives! If you are looking for a juice recipe with loads of vegetables here’s another one I love 🙂

Will The Real V8 Please Stand Up Recipe:

The Real V88 Kale Leaves (I used curly it was cheaper and I can’t stand the smell or look of red kale juice)

12 Parsley Leaves Stems and All (I used flat parsley)

3 Celery Sticks

1 Medium Beet

1 Tomato

3 Carrots

Handful of Watercress

1 Pickling Cucumber (I used pickling because it has a tangy taste and makes so much juice)

1/2 Bunch Spinach

This made a little over 32 oz. of juice!

Last night I didn’t realize I barely had any food around until it came time to eat dinner and I was absolutely starving…ready to Hulk out in all honesty. Before I realized what I was even doing I had Marinated Mushrooms and Curry Cauliflower in the dehydrator and was cutting up fennel, celery, dill and orange.

MarinatedMushroomsFennelSaladCurryCauliI used an 8 oz. container of Baby Bella Mushroooms, removed the tops, cleaned them up well and sliced them thin. I used about a 3/4 cup of red onion sliced long and thin, one large garlic clove minced, 3 tablespoons Balsamic Vinegar (I use Bariani Balsamic Vinegar)and 2-3 tablespoons Black Sesame Oil. I had this sit in a bowl for roughly 30 minutes and dehydrated it for one hour.

Just Marinated Mushrooms

My Fennel Salad was just a few thin slices of fennel bulb, celery and pinch of dill, orange juice, lemon juice, orange & lemon zest and a few small pieces of orange! That’s it 🙂 No oils or anything.

Fennel Salad

The Curried Cauliflower was really simple too. I just took a handle of cauliflower, ripped it into bite pieces, covered it in curry and a tablespoon of black sesame oil and popped it into the dehydrator for an hour.


I’m very happy with how everything came out! I had the leftover mushrooms over a bed of kale, beet tops, spinach, arugula and red leaf lettuce. Yum!

If you do not have a dehydrator just let these vegetables marinate in the sauce for an hour.

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