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October 1, 2011 by Living Girl Living Foods

I am always looking around for some new raw items on websites, articles, blogs, and anything in the news. Here are a few things I found today:


VegNews wrote on article on how fun it can be to make raw food and how it is possible to make raw junk food that is insanely nutritious and tasty. One recipe that made me salivate a bit is a raw BLT. The “bacon” is eggplant, I am so bummed out that I didn’t think of this myself! I don’t really see the need to use any sugar on these strips besides getting that buttery taste and crunch to mimic bacon. If I ever try this one out I might use coconut nectar or completely emit sugar. I hope to test out some of these recipes soon! The Butternut Squash Ravioli Stacks look fantastic as well.


BAO Foods, raw condiments, slaws, and even KOMBUCHA KEGS THEY EXIST! I’m hoping to get my hands on some samples of these products. I’m pleased with their selection, choice of veggies and other ingredients plus their ketchup among other things have no sugar 😀 This company is based out of New York; they are all organic, gluten-free, vegan, raw and Non-Gmo.

Go Raw has made three flavors that are fairly new (can’t seem to find them around at any of the all natural shops around RI) and I was lucky enough to get my hands on some of these super cookies.

I tried their Lemon Super Cookies, Masala Chai Super Cookies & Carrot Cake Super Cookies. For now at least, my favorite are the lemon cookies…but I’m a huge sucker for anything with lemons 🙂 My second favorite is the chai; they are packed with flavor and have a beautiful balance of spice and orange. I think the only reason why I am not too fond of the carrot cake cookies is because I was hoping for raisins to be one of the ingredients. It also takes a bit to taste the nutmeg and carrots, some flavors I think that should be more dominant. Compared to the other cookies it is much crunchier and dry. I’ll admit it’s not fair that my favorite is lemon, lemon anything is pretty difficult to screw up. But I like how simple it is, coconut and lemon are a perfect match. My only suggestion would be to put some actual little lemon pieces or zest.

New product on VeganEssentials, Green Tara Spirlina Crunchies. 100% Spirulina and I am 100% interested in munching away on these. I’m a freak for Spirulina ❤

Food Find:

Raw Organic Pili Nuts? How have I never ever heard of these before? Grown in volcanic soil; contains the most magnesium & all eight essential aminos. I’ve read that they are buttery, cheese-like & rich. I need to get my hands on these. So far I’ve found them on The Raw Food World & One Lucky Duck


Sprout, the company that carries my favorite cleanser just came out with a new label for their products. The ingredients are simple, fair trade and completely nourishing. There was a recent prices increase but only because the sizes are now almost double what they used to be.

Entertainment, Girlie nonsense & Gossip:

Michael Griesmeier, has set the world record in stair running and he is vegan!

For all you cooked food people, Bob’s Red Mill funds animal testing. Time to drop it like it’s hot!

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