Completed Fruit Leathers

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September 13, 2011 by Living Girl Living Foods

Yesterday at 4:10pm I put in three trays of three different flavors of fruit puree to make fruit leather. Today at 7:10am they were finally ready to pull out of the dehydrator.

The reason why they needed to stay in over night is because I keep my dehydrator at one of the lowest settings. You could make anything from beef jerky, dried herbs, dehydrated chips and so on with a dehydrator because it has so many settings and can slowly dry a massive list of items. Since I am interested in keeping my food alive and undamaged I had my dehydrator set at 95ºF (the herbs setting on my machine).

The beauty of making something like fruit leather at home is I made it myself, I used all organic items, there are no additives or preservatives, I used zero salt or fillers, it’s good for you and it can be fun coming up with flavors and designs. It’s an easy clean up too, the teflon sheets I purchased took just 3 minutes or so to clean all three.

(Blue/Purple is Blueberry Lavender, Pink is Just Strawberry and the Orange-Brown is Cinnamon Pear)

Fruit Leather HeartsTraditional Fruit Leather RollsCutesy Fruit Leather Shapes

Here’s a few other ideas that may surprise you on how a dehydrator can be used:

  • Bread Making
  • Pasta
  • Raw fried tasty & looking food
  • Crackers & Chips
  • Cookies
  • Pie crust
  • Apple sauce
  • Drying Photographs
  • Homemade granola
  • Composting Aid
  • Humidifier
  • Preserving food
  • Candy bars
  • Air Freshener
  • Hot Sauce
  • Dressings/Marinades
  • Beat up produce
  • Washing and Drying Trays
  • Kitchen Dryer

Out of the three flavors I made I am the most satisfied with the Cinnamon Pear fruit leather. The texture is perfect, it really makes me yank in a satisfying way and the taste is superb. It reminds me of the fall, the battle with ourselves, the weather and the smells & tastes of this time of the year.

With eating raw there are textures or sensations from eating that I miss, and using a dehydrator & other raw kitchen tools usually help produce that feeling. Some people enjoy comfort foods, crispy food and so on. I usually miss things that remind me of my childhood, sweets and texture.

Gross from working out but so happy to munch on some cinnamon pear peels!

The Blueberry Lavender one was a bit much for me. I am not really a huge fan of lavender in the first place or any flowery flavors to be honest. But I thought it was something worth testing out.

The Just Strawberry fruit peels are awesome, nice and simple, not too sweet and they were even still a little juicy which was awesome at least to me. I like that it managed to keep true to one of its most common characteristics & somehow getting on my face.

I did these three flavors because I wanted each tray to taste completely different. If I am going to make fruit leather and I know how long it is going to take to make them, especially when I have a 4 tray dehydrator and not a 12 then I want to cover as many different flavors as I can.

Some other flavor ideas I have for fruit leathers are; blackberry lime, pineapple ginger, golden apple, mango and lemon, vanilla banana, dates with plums, peach, orange-pineapple-mango and many more!

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